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  • Just waiting on Halo Infinite campaign being pushed to 2022. Wouldn't be surprised if Dying Light 2 gets a Last minute delay aswell.

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    @paulmci27 Now that the entire campaign storyline has been leaked because of the MP beta, I think they'll try to push it out as soon as possible.

  • @scotty it just means that next year's a crazy one for them, lol. Imagine Ragnarok and Forbidden West coming at next year, plus other stuff like Forsaken. I think this year is still pretty good overall for them despite this delay, especially comparing it to PS4's first year.

  • @bam541

    Yeah it's not a bad year for a console launch. My main problem is I feel worse and worse about PS side with most of the news. They don't give me confidence I used to have about them.

  • @scotty That's very fair. I kinda already mentally prepared myself that this Sony is going to be different from their past selves, so I'm not as doom and gloom as many people.

  • @scotty PS5 games side seems to be fine so far.

    what concerns me more is the PS5 SSD memory chips now even making us pay for stuff like heatsinks on the SSD memory chips.

    Youtuber Playeressence talks about them here
    Youtube Video

    i bought a console to play games and keep things simple. if i wanted to buy a PC and follow instructions on upgrading every little bit of hardware then i would have. now it's not even just putting in a simple memory card. we're buying the memory card AND we're starting to add and also pay for other shit like heatsinks on the cards as well now?

    yeah i'm out.

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    Tried to watch the whole video but dude just comes off as another one of those fake outrage idiots making a huge deal out of nothing.

    You don't need to buy the heatsinks. They come already installed on the SSD.

    It also isn't very complicated at all to install one. Sony releases a video showing how to do it when the PS5 released. Just pop the side panel, open the expansion port, put the SSD I'm, close it all up and you're good to go. Much simpler than installing on a PC, and comparing the two is idiotic.

  • @el-shmiablo
    It's like the people complaining about Psychonauts 2 being capped at 30FPS on PS4 (specifically PS4) last week after Double Fine revealed some technical information about the game on various platforms (4K60 on all next gen platforms btw)

  • The PS5 SSD expansion isn't complicated at all. I did my due diligence and checked out Sony's instructions and it just outright isn't complicated in any way whatsoever and it's just an option for those who want it. The PS5 has solid enough download speeds to delete and redownload stuff. If you aren't into that, you can just plug in an external USB HDD and put like 2TB of PS4 games on there to leave the PS5 SSD for PS5 only.

    Here are the instructions:

    • Buy ANY third-party M.2 SSD with the listed speed, size, and heatsink
    • Open up PS5 case (about as simple as opening a box of cereal)
    • Screw SSD in with one screw

    The only thing that could make this simpler is if they collaborated with major brands for a 'Sony approved' label (which would defeat the purpose of using any third-party brand), and if they made the SSD socket accessible like the back battery flap on the GameBoy Color.

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    @dipset But how am I supposed to pretend to be outraged over that?

  • @el-shmiablo
    Why doesn't it have it have the ability to make grilled cheese sandwiches

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    If you aren't into that, you can just plug in an external USB HDD and put like 2TB of PS4 games on there to leave the PS5 SSD for PS5 only.

    i can also just play Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X instead where i can literally just plug in and play when it comes to memory with a microSD card or with an xbox proprietary seagate memory card which are both much simpler solutions than PS5's SSD memory system.

  • @yoshi

    But the point is that you can put any common SSD into the PS5. You can’t just have an external M2 SSD with a plug n play port. Your options are limitless if you want to expand though. You could have a 2TB 7500 read speed storage if you wanted to. Or you can just not do it. It’s an option.

    Edit: Seagate is also a terrible brand. You are playing with fire installing anything to a Seagate.

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    @dipset But don't you understand? It's bad when Sony is pro-consumer and allows people to use whatever storage solution they want instead of overpriced, proprietary cards that will stay expensive for longer.

  • The PS5 has kind of a shitty engineering, would love to see a smaller more practical version. That being said unless games become truly gigantic most won't even bother to buy any expansion.

  • @phbz

    From using the PS5 for a few months now, it's pretty clear to me that some stuff was rushed. I think there is a small handful of software bugs and the Rest Mode bug drives me absolutely nuts. But I don't mind the form factor. It looks nice enough in my relatively small sized TV stand in the living room and once you set it up the way you want it, I have little reason to pull it out for anything other than vacuuming every now and again.

    I probably won't expand the storage unless I desperately want a ton of games installed. I trust the way Sony set the system up for play a bit better than 3rd party storage solutions.

    But I have to admit that it might be tempting if I can get a next-gen SSD later down the road during a Boxing Day or Black Friday type event and not have to worry about it working with PS5 because it probably will.

  • I hope that there's more SSD sizes to choose from later on. I just want a 250 GB one rn. I don't really need more than 1 TB total (not counting my PS4 games filled external HDD). Outside of one game in particular (god damned Black Ops Cold War), the game sizes aren't too big at all. I think the Kraken whatever compression thing that Cerny talked about is working out quite well.

    I hope Sony uses this Beta period optimally so they can hit the ground perfectly when they make the expansion feature available officially for everyone. Like, fix all the bugs at beta, prepare to set up a web page with all the recommended SSDs, make some instructional videos, that sort of thing. I truly respect them for not trying to force some proprietary stuff again and letting people have more choices, but it still need to be executed properly.

    Also, nobody's talking about the biggest feature of the new update: vertical trophy list! I was baffled when I see the trophy list for the first time, what a terrible UI decision.

  • @dipset Since release there's no doubt tons of people on Twitter complaining about PS5s acting weird. More than the usual it appears, several people I follow had to send PS5s back for repair. Ben too I think? Plus less serious complaints.

    With the SX I noticed that Quick Resume is much more reliable than at launch but other than that it's pretty solid. And on the hardware I think they did an awesome job with power/cooling/size.

    Regarding space I'm not too concerned because once I finish a game I uninstall it but then I look at Flight Simulator and the upcoming FH5, which are games I'll keep on the SSD for a long time, and I start to stress.

  • LMAO you absolute troll Reggie

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