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  • Also worth noting, the Sony support studio aka "Secret San Diego Studio" kinda went ahead and started on the TLOU remake without full approval from PlayStation. This whole remake exists because development went too far to pull out. I think the Jim Ryan era of PlayStation is going in the wrong direction, but I can't fully pin this mess on him. The game probably should've been canceled but committing to shipping it without significant refinements wasn't the right decision either.

    Here is the full story from Papa Schreier:

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    Do remember Naughty Dog didn't make this completely. Another Sony studio made about 60% of this before Naughty Dog stepped in.

    Yeap, I know this.

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    Sony support studio aka "Secret San Diego Studio" kinda went ahead and started on the TLOU remake without full approval from PlayStation

    I didn't know they started it without approval.

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    A first party Sony support studio wanted to develop original games so they figured remaking a tried and true guaranteed best seller would make them look good in the grand scheme of PlayStation Studios. In the end, ND took over production and brought it to the finish line.

    One of them should had made the game ''Part II but with Part I's story'' if you know what I mean.

    Even with all these, it's still a shitty remake if only improvement is the graphics of Part II and nothing like ''Part I in a Part II technical level'' for all of the AI, animations, environment, gameplay. I couldn't care less about the reasons, I'm a customer and only thing that makes me interested in this remake was what I just said. Other than that it doesn't have any good resons to exist in my eyes.

    How stupid and lazy can you be to do this to a beloved game while we are living in the Resident Evil 2 and FF7 remakes' time. This is to PS as a general rant, not directly towards to ND. I'm really dissapointed.

    Btw, I'm ready to admit I was reacting too soon if it turns out the reverse but I don't have hope.


    Great editorial.

  • @scotty

    I doubt we're going to eat our words with this one unfortunately.

    While they are entitled to defend their hard work, I don't appreciate the ND employees piping up about the "cash grab" controversy. In the end, we aren't criticizing the workers but the messaging from PlayStation and the product on the whole.

    We know ND has a team full of hard workers who want to do amazing work. But the public backlash obviously stems from the product itself in context of it's price and marketplace competition.

    So no matter how much attention went into remaking an entire game, as a final product, it seems to have put that attention into the wrong avenues. At the very least, PlayStation should've been a lot more upfront in their messaging about Part I because there are many types of Remakes for video games nowadays and it would be helpful to know what type of remake we're getting.

    For $79.99 (EDIT - $89.99 CAD), saying TLOU Pt I isn't a cash grab when compared to something like PlayStation's own Demon's Souls remake implies that Pt I is of the same quality and value as one of the best remake's ever made. And based on what I've seen, I'm doubtful.

    For once, I think ND and PlayStation are being rightfully criticized here for botching their messaging.

  • @dipset

    I'm reeeeally curious about all the ''modernised gameplay'' debate after the game is out. I'm sure there will be people who say ''You shouldn't had waited for Part II gameplay''. There already is... Of course I will expect that from a REMAKE!

    I can even go far to say they were lying about gameplay after this leak. I just can't believe it.

  • @scotty

    "Modernized Gameplay" instantly led me to imagine it would hook up better with TLOU Pt II but clearly that isn't the case.

    Could be small tweaks like modern axis of movement and better thumbstick aiming. You'll notice going back to shooters on older gens don't feel as fluid and easy in their aiming as modern shooters.

    Sony gotta clean up the messaging here. We shouldn't have to sleuth to figure out what is new.

  • Not sure if this was supposed to come out this week or if it was released because of the leaks.
    Youtube Video

    Will say I like the addition physics-based objects to the environments, so explosions will be more fun. And I think the dismemberment of TLOU2 made it in.

  • If the remake isn't truly a "new" game and gameplay isn't basically the same as part 2, the price tag is even harder to justify.

  • It's still not enough and definitely not Part II level.

  • The graphics and redone cutscenes look fantastic, but they are using words to describe changes that the eye doesn't immediately notice and probably won't notice unless told or pay close attention to details. Also, some of the things they mention about modernized movement is pretty common nowadays, but still a nice touch.

    To play devils advocate, one of my favourite series, Battlefield, has lost it's attention to detail across the board since the days of BF3 and there is something in the aura of BF2042 that is immensely missing by stripping out these little details. I love small details. In TLOU Pt II, when you run around fighting, Ellie begins to sweat, her facial expressions change, she has subtle heavy breathing audio for a minute or two. Stuff like that adds so much to these games. So I'm not trying to diminish the value of ND adding a plethora of subtle detail to the FX, movement, animations, etc.

    But even with that considered, ND/PlayStation should be more upfront with the fact that this remake isn't very different (despite what they say here). And the price is a cash grab. It can be two things at once: A detailed effortful remake and a cash grab.

  • I will call this re-remastered like most the internet says.

  • Small update on GTA VI:



    My take on this issue (highlighted above):

    GTA as a series has a pretty aggressive brand of satire. For those who really like GTA, such as myself, you notice that there is a lot of really good and subtle satire. For example, things like the names and logos of incorporations. Or the dialogue in right wing conspiracy talk shows. Hell, even the names of vehicles can be funny. But you'd never get to notice this stuff if you were already out on overt aggressive parody on the surface.

    I think the series would be fine by taking a more serious approach. If you look at a TV series like The Sopranos, the show is actually around 40% comedy under-the-hood. You don't notice the comedy as much because of the dramatic storytelling and political commentary, but it's there and it's hilarious.

    Same goes for The Wire. It's a striking commentary on how all parts of a cities ecosystem are culpable in maintaining the status-quo and how improvement in society is slow and hard to come by. Yet, there is so much comedic writing and subtle satire peppered throughout every episode.

    I really think there is room for satire in a modern GTA game. It just doesn't need to ooze through every inch of the screen. A stronger plot and more dramatic scenes would go a long way and help the more clever satirical bits stand out.

  • Hope they won't get soft because of the era we live in.

  • Not sure where to put this but has anyone else been keeping up with the Nier subreddit? Guy claims to have somehow stumbled across "cut content " for Nier Automata and everyone is running from "this is legit " to "guy has made modding tools and is teasing them" to somehow possibly being real "The user is actually Yoko Taro and this is teasing something ". It's been a bit of a trip. I'm posting the link to the suspicious users profile as all they've posted is this Nier stuff. They've also just posted images of what I believe is a giant upside statue of Zero from Drakengard 3.

    And a few hours after I posted the truth was finally revealed. Automata is getting modding tools

  • I'm sold on this concept alone
    Youtube Video