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  • Bushinryu and "Feet Waifu" join the fight
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  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3: The Movie announced for December 20th 2024, just in time to compete with Avatar 4: Why did we approve/ film 4 sequels back to back.

  • @dmcmaster I don't follow Avatar, but that seems like a generous guesstimate for when the 4th one would come out considering the second one isn't even out, and it has been 13 years since the original.

  • @mbun
    Last I read James Cameron is filming Avatar 2-5 back to back, so we might actually get Sonic 3 vs Avatar 4 or 5

  • Yeah aren't they doing that LOTR thing where they shoot everything then edit it into multiple films?

    Either way, I just never really understood the appeal of Avatar. I had very little to latch onto.

  • @dipset I don't know. I think Avatar became part of pop culture because it was the big first 3D experience, it was a shared experience around the world, it was the thing to do at a certain point in time. But I don't know a single person that LOVES Avatar, or even hates it, it's always "that movie with the blue dudes".

    It often feels like I'm being asked by marketing if I remember "that amazing movie that everyone absolutely loved and everybody demanded a sequel from" and I wonder to whom exactly they're talking to. Because it isn't me or anyone I know.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and ends up being a mega hit.

  • @phbz
    I'm in the same camp, bought into the hype around the first film and saw it a week or so after it came out (in 3D mind you) and was just kinda left feeling like the odd man out in regards to reception back in 2009. Although over time it seems like everyone has reached a similar consensus that it just wasn't that good. I mean honestly I really didn't see much potential for a sequel outside of maybe one more movie because it feels like they did everything they could with the world and setting (except be good).

    It also feels incredibly late for a sequel to Avatar, like it's 4-5 years to late. But like you said we'll all find out this December.

  • If I recall, I had a PA Day from school so I saw it Day 1 in theatres. I left amused but not super impressed. Some guy in the theatre said, "Wow! That was the best movie I've ever seen!" so maybe some people are that into it.

  • @dmcmaster Yeah, Avatar just kinda came and went very fast. It wasn't so good.

  • @dipset said:

    Either way, I just never really understood the appeal of Avatar. I had very little to latch onto.

    No knock against people who like it, but like many are saying, I always felt like the hype for Avatar was pretty undeserved. Always felt like an okay but not great movie. The ending is especially plot armor thick, and I was not able to suspend my disbelief for the good guys winning the day with all they were up against, nor can I believe the military wouldn't immediately clap back at them after all that happened.

    In general, I feel like it was just one of those movies certain types of people normally would never watch, but because it became mainstream zeitgeist, it got people who normally never watch stuff like that to see it, which lead to the results we saw with people raving about something kind of average to people used to that kind of fantasy setting. Really not that different than people growing up on Harry Potter versus any other fantasy with magic.

  • @mbun

    I don't know if the hype was undeserved necessarily because it did look interesting at a glance, and it did sell itself as a must-see theatre spectacle. On top of that, there was a lot to latch onto for the tech nerds considering Avatar used some of the latest 3D tech. I did find it pretty interesting because when I was in high school, I toured my future university's film department and they had those state of the art 3D cameras that they used on movies like Avatar or Resident Evil: Afterlife and the DIT guys were in charge of these data storage carts that were the size of a large catering table! So then your wheels start to turn, thinking in my head, "how the fuck did they film a scene longer than 2 mins in Avatar with all of this data transferring?" My point is that there was a lot of interesting tech stuff to get people hyped up and excited.

    But I completely agree with everything else you wrote. To add,

    In Damiani's "Punished Bets" James Cameron presentation, he kept saying that the real star of Avatar is "the world" kind of like how Tolkien builds up the world of LOTR. But the difference between LOTR and Avatar is that the Jackson LOTR films are actually plot driven epics. The script has you caring about the fate of the hobbits or the geopolitical strategizing against Mordor. For every 1 page of LOTR where Tolkien describes a blade of grass, the Jackson LOTR movies edit out 20 pages. The simplicity of good characters, plot, and spectacle make those movies solid. Not just spectacle of Middle Earth.

    Even with Harry Potter, I think people struggle to identify the fact that they don't really love the magical world of wizards so much as they really enjoy great characters and an especially great plot. The first few Harry Potter books and films are essentially a mix between kid detective novels, mystery/suspense fiction, and pulp adventure. The minute to minute appeal is because the plot itself has twists and turns and the scenes have you at the edge of your seat. Kids sneaking around Hogwarts, defying authority, barely getting out alive, getting in trouble for doing the right thing. All of the wizarding world magic stuff is just a bonus. People think they love the world, but they really like the story.

    And that is precisely where Avatar gets lost on me. It doesn't have good characters or a great plot. It just has nice colours and 3D depth when you're walking around Pandora, but it isn't interesting unless there is some sort of interesting story to latch onto.

    Plenty of films have great worlds. Post WWII New York in The Godfather is a great world too. But Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Copolla knew that the setting is meant to enhance and enrich the plot and characters. The world is so completely secondary to the internal-family hardships the Corleone's go through.

    I can go on and on, but it seems obvious to me that the setting is important but it isn't meant to be the star. Even films like Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi that document the beauty of Earth and culture tell very compelling narratives without words or characters, but via editing and pacing. Narrative should always be #1 about visuals or setting.

  • Just read news that Premium subscribers on PSN get nothing this month so I'm dropping my sub.
    To be fair, I only subbed to it to to try the new games added after the switch in addition to finding trophies for PS1 games a bit of a novelty.
    I gave it a whirl, but the complete lack of PS1, Ps2, PS3, PSP and Vita additions over two months when you consider the breadth of those libraries and the extra cash people are paying is rediculous.

  • This week's news have confirmed that both Marvel's Midnight Suns and Hogwarts Legacy will launch in 2023. The former by the end of March at the latest and the latter on February 10th.

    Big games falling out of the Q4 schedule. Plenty of others there still, so this actually helps a bit.

  • Maybe I missed it but I think EzA completely ignored the THQ event.

    Youtube Video

    I think it was probably my favourite gaming event of the year. Super solid showing.

    The Alone in the Dark reboot, while I'm very cautious, I'm also incredible hyped. Going back to its roots is the way to go, I just hope they don't rely too much on action and that they capture the lovecraftian vibes.

    Jagged Alliance 3, Gothic remake, Outcast 2... Lots a AA goodness.

  • @dmcmaster Sakurai posted bragging about his DVD Masters of the episodes. Thought it was funny, especially that he had to specify that they're not for sale.

  • Some indie game Twitter I stumbled across I think, not really news, but didn't know where else to share this absurdity