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  • Regarding the Doom Eternal OST in TLDR format.

    Summary of Facts
    DOOM Eternal
    I haven’t been paid for over half of DOOM Eternal’s music: The game includes more than double the music I was contracted to produce. Rejects, mockups, demos, many of which were never meant for public release. I created this music as part of the development process and shared it with id Software in good faith. But id Software used the music in the game, marketing and soundtrack and still refuses to pay me for it.

    The DOOM Eternal OST was a mess
    It was announced, with my name attached, and made available for pre-order before I was contracted to produce it. Despite my alarm and constant appeals Marty refused to do anything about the situation, leading to a nine-month delay before I could start work.

    After seven months of inaction, I reported my concerns to Bethesda.
    Bethesda and I negotiated the DOOM Eternal OST directly, without Marty’s involvement.
    I received the contract on March 18, 2020, just 48 hours before DOOM Eternal was released. The delay was announced a week earlier before I was under contract.
    The deadline was April 16 (29 days later) and the contract stipulated id Software had complete creative control and would aquire access to all my source material.

    Marty withheld crucial details from me until 13 days before my deadline, such as:

    Potential legal trouble they faced for taking pre-orders before it was under contract.
    Details about their internally-produced OST: an alternative edited from my in-game score, which they’d worked on for at least six months without my knowledge or involvement.
    I didn’t approve the release: In the days leading up to April 16, Marty cut me out of the process and decided to release their alternative version instead, reducing my direct contributions to filler. Both he, and id Software’s Lead Audio Designer, Chad Mossholder, didn’t allow me to hear the final album and didn’t seek my approval; they weren’t contractually required to do so.

    OST release
    Their poor-quality release immediately drew criticism, and a worried Marty personally asked me for assistance in addressing the situation. I made myself entirely available to Marty and committed to satisfying disappointed customers with a better OST. Marty made it clear he wanted me involved, saying he wanted a positive outcome, had no ill intentions and wanted to resolve the issue professionally.

    He offered to draft a joint statement addressing the situation and announcing plans to move forward.
    He requested I hold off on making further public comments until we could address the public together.
    Marty told me to expect the draft within hours, but it never arrived.

    Instead, days later, he published a 2500+ word “open letter” on a fan-run Reddit page that singled me out as the sole cause behind the botched OST. The post attracted thousands of comments and news articles and severely damaged my personal and professional reputation. Worst of all, he did it behind my back whilst leading me on with a bullshit story about working together on a professional solution to the problem.

    His statement was full of lies, disinformation and innuendo, and when challenged, his company offered me a six-figure sum to shut up about it. When I tried, time and time again, amid a torrent of abuse, harassment and threats, to resolve the matter more amicably, he constantly refused, worried how addressing the Reddit post would damage his own reputation instead.

    But as far as I’m concerned, truth and honesty are more important: Marty’s words damaged my character and attacked my reputation. I have afforded him ample opportunity to address this issue, but his refusal to do so has left me with no option other than to issue this statement.

    In issuing this statement, I’m exercising my right to defend myself.

  • Unfortunately Kevin Conroy, the longtime voice of Batman sadly passed away yesterday.

  • So Yuji Naka just got arrested for insider trading.

  • @yoshi said in That's News!:

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    Good god, that games heading towards a decade old now, make MK9 already..

  • @sheria
    At this point I'm convinced MK9 is a Switch 2 launch title

  • @dmcmaster Yeah, can't see it being announced before they finish the DLC packs at the end of 2023 so it'll be a bit.

  • @sheria They likely are, and this is work that'll be touched up to carry over to it.

  • Sonic Frontiers down from £54.99 at launch to just £28.00 already on Amazon lol

  • @sheria
    It was $40 the other week during all the black Friday sales. Speaking of they announced a bunch of free DLC coming to the game. Biggest one being new playable characters.

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    Finally Amnesia game not walking simulator. good to see gun combat.

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    more Atomic heart. this game scream masterpiece.

    @Sheria may i go full on GT diesel (younger me) and call it masterpiece lol??

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    @Sheria may i go full on GT diesel (younger me) and call it masterpiece lol??

    You should never have stopped.

  • Elden Ring wins GOTY, rightfully so imo.

  • This is gonna hurt, I knew Conroy was going to be in the game after he let it slip at a local convention but man is this going to hurt.
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  • The character models look bad though, was better to just keep the old ones.

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    Doesnot looks anywhere near STALKER 1. still looking excellent.