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  • @capnbobamous That really sucks to hear about Game Informer. I visit the Game Informer website all the time and have listened to their GI Podcast every week since 2011. I always appreciated their Easy Allies like positivity. I hope they can figure something out but that is a lot of their staff gone already.

  • I'm not super familiarized with Game Informer staff, but I absolutely loved the coverage they provided to games where they would just blow it out and have a lot of interviews with the developers, so definitively sad to hear this and I hope some of that will still happen.

  • Man, I'm super bummed about these GI layoffs too, didn't see it coming at all (and neither did they apparently). I've been listening to their podcast every week since Ben Hanson was a guest on the EZA podcast and all the people laid off today were regulars on it. I don't even know what the podcast is going to look like this week, if they even have one. That really, really sucks.

    Any of these guys would be a great addition to EZA by the way, if they're ever looking to expand!

  • @sentinel-beach
    Story is still developing, but I have a feeling we will see some kind of resolution to this sooner then expected. Then again if I recall Amy Pascal has final say about Spider-man (as she is the main producer
    for the recent films on Sony's side) and she doesn't have the best track record (look up the general shit show behind the scenes for Ghostbusters 2016)

    But like I said general reaction is so negative Sony Pictures is bound to be going back to the negotiation table probably much sooner then expected, that or hope for another email hack as that apparently played a hand in getting Spider-man into the MCU in the first place.

  • For years, the highlight of my week has been when I would download the Game Informer podcast along with the EZA podcast on the same day and listen to them over the weekend. I hope those staff members have felt their work was fulfilling and highly valued.

  • MK11 Kombat Pack 1
    Youtube Video

  • Disney should just buy Sony. that would show em!
    0_1566567616942_spiderman shit for xmas.jpg

  • Actually Sony HQ has thought of selling Sony Pictures, due to various flops and horrible mismanagement, and lack of any major tentpole releases other the Spider-Man (and maybe this years Once upon a time in Hollywood). It also doesn't help that Sony pictures was extremely in the red last I checked, so much so that 2016 all there major releases would have to make something close to $1.5 Billion each to get them out of the red.

    That said Disney will probably just buy Sony Pictures once the stock trade for Fox has reached it's promised monetary value in 2ish more years, since long run it's probably eaiser and cheaper to not only get Spider-man, but Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, and a handful of other various shows, movies and properties

  • I can't be the only one that thinks disney just buying sony pictures and furthering a monopoly just for the sake of some superhero crossover movies is a worrisome prospect.

  • @hanabi
    Spider-Man would be a bonus, they would likely acquire Sony pictures for the sake of furthering what brands and franchises they could either add to parks, make films, or Disney + content for.

    It's sorta like when they acquired Fox, everyone thinking they bought them for Fantastic Four and X-Men when in reality they bought them for The Simpsons, Family Guy, X-Files, Bob's Burgers, Archer, Sons of Anarchy, Blue Sky Studios, Aliens, and many, many more things under the Fox banner. I mean hell I attempted to make the joke that Freddie Mercury was now a Disney princess because the film Bohemian Rhapsody (which was made under Fox) was now technically a Disney movie.

  • They could sell Sony Pictures but I bet they would tranfer Spider-Man rights under Playstation Studio they recently established run by Asad Quizilbash.

  • Speaking of buyouts...

    (For US and Intl):

    Hasbro is going to buy eOne for $4 BILLION which basically puts this on par with Disney buying Marvel. For those who don't know eOne is a huge Canadian media company (I technically work under one of their smaller companies that they own stake in).

    The purpose.. PEPPA THE PIG and PJ MASK. They are essentially spending $4 billion to get two IPs. I expect the Canadian government to step in and monitor this because Hasbro would be killing a ton of jobs and effecting the entire industry if they only care about Peppa the Pig. For example, most of your favourite shows are made in Canada, esp film and animation.

  • If Disney buy Sony Pictures, they don't get the rights to Spiderman.

  • The Persona franchise has reached 10 milion sales, and while it makes me happy it is kinda crazy to think that one of the most succesful JRPG franchises has only managed this much over 20 years, goes to show just how much of niche the genre is.

  • @bard91

    Yeah thats kinda disappointing for what is obviously a proud accomplishment. Still blown away that Kirby and Yoshi can sell 10 mil easy and these new games won't ever be fondly remembered like that.

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    Still blown away that Kirby and Yoshi can sell 10 mil easy and these new games won't ever be fondly remembered like that.

    they're just jealous that me and Kirby are more badass than they'll ever be :3
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    0_1566613614660_cool kirby 2.png

  • @dipset said:

    Still blown away that Kirby and Yoshi can sell 10 mil easy

    Weird slight aside, Yoshi took ages to total up 10 mil, and Kirby basically only got it quicker through consistent volume of releases. Neither of those franchises are really sales juggernauts either. If you really want to be disgusted, look up how much money Pokemon GO made versus all the mainline Pokemon games in Pokemon's history that are heralded as mega sellers.

    @bard91 I wonder how it compares to Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy though. I mean, Persona has been around a long time, but it wasn't popular at all until 4 really, so that shouldn't be terribly surprising. I don't think it speaks to JRPGs being niche as much as it speaks to Persona being niche until relatively recently.

  • @mbun I think that aside from FF, DQ and KH we would find very few million selling JRPGs, so while it's true that is an element for Persona total sales, I do still think is in great part a reflexion of the reach of the genre.

    I did a quick search and found this, may have incomplete information but it does seem like aside from very few exceptions the reach is pretty limited.

  • @bard91 said:

    I think that aside from FF, DQ and KH we would find very few million selling JRPGs,

    Last post I'll make because we're off on a tangent in news, but I think you could apply this same basic formula to just about any genre of gaming. Except for the heavy hitter renowned franchises that make crazy money, very few others break into 10 mil+ territory across the board, not just among JRPGs.

  • @bard91 just for comparison FF7 sold 9.7 mill just on the ps1