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  • @minamik
    It's also on PS4.

    Not sure how it ties into the manga or anime, especially since Holo looks way younger then I remember.

  • I did some googling, and it seems it came out on pc a couple months ago. Weird.

  • @minamik
    I'm actually more surprised that it got a English release with seemingly no announcement

    Anyway the opening for Persona 5 R was released like 20 minutes ago
    Youtube Video

    And maybe someone can confirm but doesn't Sony have like a Pre TGS stream tonight/ tomorrow morning?

  • A lot of people have been discussing NBA 2K20 being the embodiment of a microtransaction nightmare in a full price video game. The reviews have been calling the gameplay solid, but generally indifferent from the last few versions of the game. I know places like EZA don't cover sports too much, but this is possibly the worst trailer for a video game ever made. Keep in mind, 2K is making so much money off this that this type of crap is gonna start to appear in other genres. As the top comment puts it:

    0_1568135895452_Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 1.17.33 PM.png

    Youtube Video

    Kotaku's take:
    I Feel Gross Just Watching NBA 2K20’s Loot Box Trailer

    Worst part is that this trailer was uploaded to multiple channels and now its been made private on many of them which is probably some form of damage control due to the Like:Dislike ratio being so in favour of dislikes. I also believe the trailer has been added and removed on NBA 2K channel.

    I don't use Twitter but if somebody can Tweet this at Jones for a potential Trailer Jones review? I know it sucks to focus on the negatives, but this is possibly the most monumentally bad trailer ever made.

  • Them having pachinko in there and calling it "ball drops" is pretty amusing.

    *not amusing as in, haha that's great.

  • I'm getting really tired of seeing even more ironic parody VN's every other day. It doesn't help that this instance is just an ad.

  • @dmcmaster Or that of anything it could possibly be, they decided on Spice and Wolf, lol. Folk must really love Holo.

  • @dipset Hanabi posted that like 13 days ago and we talked about it then. That video link, which you can still scroll up to, no longer loads, so it is safe to say they did in fact reupload it.

    I honestly don't see the trailer itself as offensive. Offensive would be pretending it is a normal basketball game. This trailer is straight up showing you what the game actually is, and that's somewhat commendable, certainly not the worst trailer for a video game ever made.

    It is also super gambling centric of course, and I'm sure there's discussions to be had around real money gambling focused games in the hands of kids or even just parading as other genres and hooking people on gambling. I'm pretty sure countries are already starting to outlaw some of this stuff though. Seeing lots of gacha games getting banned from various countries, and that'll probably continue or at least some regulation will spring up to more properly handle and age rate stuff like this.

    So in short, I don't think it is honestly as big a deal as you're making it out to be. It is easy to hate on something like this, but the company is arguably being transparent about it and doing the right thing advertising it as such, besides the reuploading videos to get rid of huge dislike counts and setting them to private of course. They're certainly not the first to do this though, and I think that more or less falls on the video hosting sites to enforce not allowing this either by banning the video from their site after the initial one is deleted for dubious reasons or forcing a restoration of the likes and dislikes to the new upload.

  • @mbun

    I hear you that they are open about it but this trailer is made to seem like you’ll actually enjoy the pachinko machine and you absolutely adore spending virtual currency on card packs.

    It’s like this weird awful mix of bad editing, bad acting, and the worst parts of the game. They showed actual basketball gameplay in like 3 shots. I definitely think it’s one of the worst trailers I’ve ever watched.

    Beyond the surface we have the info that influencers may (potentially) be granted better odds at winning good cards while streaming which makes this even more dubious that they’d hire influencers to represent that game mode with the most micro transactions with a happy-go-lucky real life streamer.

    I think the shamelessness and it’s awful attempt to make you excited about horrible game design makes this hard to watch as an NBA2K fan.

  • Roadmap for Control.....geee I wonder what that AWE one will be

  • Kojima is a mad man indeed

  • Youtube Video

    System shock 3 first gameplay.

    Looks so amazing.

  • Introducing Ring Fit Adventure!

    Youtube Video

    Eh, why not? I'm quite tempted!

  • Reading some first impressions from an hands-on event behind closed doors, unlike Labo the software part seems actually legit.

    The story will be whatever, but it seems to have plenty of contents and decent excercises.

  • Youtube Video

    Castlevania : Grimoire of Souls. Before you get excited, it's a mobile game!

    It does look decent though, gameplay-wise. But I wouldn't play Castlevania with a touch screen, and I imagine there will be gacha mechanics of some sort.

  • The male in the Ring Fit Adventure commercial looks like a super intense coke head and makes me feel yelled at while he tells me about this game. The female has impeccably silky smooth hair and I'm impressed.

  • @dipset I've actually met that dude. He was a DJ at my university orientation a while back. He had a very similar energy then too.

  • @capnbobamous

    Then he’s DEF using uppers if he’s a DJ and has that kinda energy hahaha