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    Oh boy time to be disappointed that Nintendo continues to ignore F-Zero again.

  • Ooo, general Direct... :D

  • @dmcmaster

    When are they going to announce BotW sequel release date...

  • Prediction: a cinematic trailer starts. It's a damp, dark cave. A creature, both alien and ostrich-like, scurries to quickly drink from a puddle but it's obviously on edge. This is no place for such a frail . Suddenly, something approaches our non-flying avian, our hero unaware. It creeps through the shadows and readies to pounce. Our hero unknowingly turns its back to its stalker, all but offering itself to the predator. The beast leaps from the shadows only to be struck down by a beam blast from an unknown source. The camera turns to a silouette that turns to reveal only a bright green visor. The shadow approaches its target to finish it off, stepping into the light of a plazmite. In doing so, she reveals her identity to not only the viewers but also the space pirates lying in wait to ambush her. The camera jumps inside Dread suit Samus's helmet and she eliminates each and every threat in range, the few remaining space pirates retreating. She approaches the unscathed bird-like creature to check its condition, still in first-person view. She pats the beast's head, the Prime theme starts up. Announcing "Smash x Save the Animals" Mii outfits in Smash.

  • More Splatoon 3 News is likely and the big rumours at the moment are of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and N64 coming to Switch Online and Xenoblade 3 has a good chance of being revealed too. or at least a port of Xenoblade X being shown at the very least if Not XC3. XCX is essentially the last major Wii U title that hasn't been ported to Switch yet after all.

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    I'd love an XCX rerelease. Hopefully if that happens it is successful and the series pivots back towards the less kusoge side of things, or we at least continue to get more games in the X spinoff.

  • I booted up my Switch for the first time in eons and was pretty blown away by the vast majority of the SNES Classic Library available for Switch Online. If they add Game Boy Color and N64 (Perfect Dark pls pls pls), I will finally accept the fact that Switch was worth the $400+.

    That said, I finally started playing DK Tropical Freeze (now "One of the Greats") and it was such an overall unpleasant experience and I can't tell if it's because DK controls so fucking floaty and unprecise or if it's because the joycons are a steaming piece of shit that ruin basically any modern gaming experience. I just can't get into it because of the controls and feel. So if Switch gives me more old school games to play, I'll be beyond delighted.

  • @dipset Tropical Freeze is amazing, so I'd lean towards blaming the Joycon. Buy yourself a Pro Controller already. They're so worth it.

  • Was watching the Halo multiplayer tech preview and it looks pretty good.

    But the first developer being interviewed about the bots looks broken. My girlfriend, she's a senior software engineer, as she entered the room without me saying nothing made the comment that she looked so overworked that she looked sick. I rather have the game delayed that seeing someone looking like that. (Maybe just a coincidence and something else is going on but damn)

  • @mbun

    I know it's a me thing, but I've been bringing my Switch to work to play on breaks or I'll use it while watching football or something on Sunday. 90% of the time prior to this, I'd play it docked making the Pro Controller worth it, but now with Covid changing things up in my day-to-day life, I've been 100% portable mode.

  • @dipset One cool thing you can do is prop the Switch up on a table with the kickstand and play with a Pro Controller connected to that. They call it Tabletop Mode. Every time we lose power from a storm, I opt for that.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Probably nothing but the Xenoblade Facebook page reposted the direct announcement.

  • @dipset
    Not sure how you transport your Switch but should look into one of these. No internal battery so no playing with your arms at your sides or whatever, but completely worth it. Especially if you have giant hands like me.

    Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Black) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode - Officially Licensed By Nintendo - Nintendo Switch

    Also the Pro controllers are great too, especially on battery life, 80ish hours on a single charge

  • @dmcmaster xeno fans used to get a heads up because the director’s wife would retweet the direct if xeno is in it. Sadly she said she won’t do it again

  • Xenoblade X-2 would be great, really enjoyed what X did with scale.

  • Nintendo's Japanese website leaked a teaser image of one of the games in today's Direct:

  • @oscillator
    Well a image of one, and release window for another

  • @dmcmaster said in That's News!:

    Well a image of one, and release window for another

    2022 doesn't mean much, could still get delayed.

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    Holy shit I actually can't believe the Mario movie. That shit has to be a parody. No fucking way that shit is real. Jack Black as Bowser? Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong? Chris Pratt as fucking Mario?
    I'm fucking dead.