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  • We're so deprived of Elden Ring anything that I'm sure there is a massive part of the gaming community salivating at that sweet 20 seconds of some guy trying to jump onto a rock.

    For me, I'm excited they are using the Dark Souls foundation and expanding it out into a new type of game, but there is definitely something extremely uncanny in taking a character who looks like he belongs in DkS3 with the same sort of third person camera and character movement, and have him just jumping on a dime. It almost looks like it shouldn't be a real thing based on how programmed my mind is on Dark Souls.

    It would be like giving Kratos a jump button in the God of War reboot or something, it just looks off because of what you come to expect.

  • @dipset It was like seeing Link jumping in BotW.

  • Looks like they put Dark Souls 3 and BotW together. I'm all for that.

  • What makes it look trippy to me is that it almost looks like somebody modded jumping into Dark Souls 3. That's how exactly similar the camera, movement, and character is to DkS3. Definitely hope more official gameplay gets out cause all I have to gnaw on is 20 seconds of an uncanny jump.

  • @dmcmaster Square Soft JRPG collection pack.
    Actually, a Konami one would be better.

  • This is about a week old now, but NYT reported on the conflict between FIFA and EA and what is preventing them from signing a deal to continue business together.

    This is such a fine example of corporate greed polluting everyone involved. I’m not really on anyone’s side here because taking a side just feels dirty. Here are some facts:

    • EA made $1.6B on FIFA in 2021, $1.2 from Ultimate Team

    • FIFA wants $1B for their license, every 4 year World Cup cycle

    • FIFA has been trying to fundraise money to start doing World Cup’s every two years. To do so, they want the ability to parter with other gaming companies (despite wanting more money, and signing an exclusive deal with EA).

    So because of the points above, both parties started to reconsider. EA seemed quicker to hold out and quickly trademarked “EA SPORTS Football Club” in what I think will be the franchise going forward.

    My take:

    • I’ve always found the FIFA name weird. It would be like naming an F1 game “FIA”, an NHL game “IIHF”, or a Boxing/UFC game “Nevada State Athletic Commission”. The governing body has to be the lamest thing you could name a sport. I’d rather play, say, Lionel Messi’s Football before playing Federation of International Football Association.

    • The greed is unbelievable on both sides. Rather than renegotiate, they are just making monetary demands that can either be met or not. The whole thing feels gross.

    • EA should want to work with FIFA considering the brand recognition. There will be a massive group of people who see the game FIFA and automatically buy it not knowing who makes it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next person to license the FIFA brand will have white box art and EA needs to sue them.

    • FIFA should realize that EA can continue making games without them. Each of their club contracts has nothing to do with the FIFA license. All EA gets is the name FIFA and the rights to say “World Cup”. Something that EA probably doesn’t care about when 75% of their profit is from Ultimate Team.

    • Not that it’s ever easy to play old sports games, but if you liked any one particular FIFA game in the digital era, say goodbye because it’ll be gone forever. Once the license dries up, I wouldn’t be surprised if your actual access to the game itself and especially your previous Ultimate Team cards that you spent money on go away forever. I have NBA2K15 and 2K16 and neither game seems to function properly when connected to the internet. I would NOT be surprised if servers deny access to these old games now that the license is nearly done.

  • @dipset unfortunately they have the brand deeply seated in fifa just like madden is for American football.

  • That's really stupid, wanting to do the World Cup every 2 years. It's a big deal because it doesn't happen that often. Not to mention the Euros are already occupying the in-between spot (I'll bet the governing body for that, UEFA, isn't happy about FIFA's idea).

  • World Cup every 2 years is not only dumb, but subsidizing the costs for it through imaginary and beyond speculative brand licensing deals with Epic Games while simultaneously collecting $1B from EA is incomprehensibly stupid.

  • @dipset So you mean FIFA will definitely do it?


    I still remember everyone on scoffing at the very idea of doing digital directs instead of a live press conference

  • @yoshi it is kinda funny how people always thought “weird Nintendo” when they do stuff like that. Now it’s a industry standard. Just like releasing games on Friday .

  • Youtube Video

    Looks like I won't need a PS5 afterall. Just have to hope the GPU market calms down so I can get a new PC instead.

  • @bigdude1
    Yeah the Friday releases are odd, which granted I kinda liked it at first when Thursday was the start of my weekend. Anyone remember the first game that started this trend? I think it was Gears of War 3 for some reason.

  • @Mbun
    bloodborne is getting closer...

  • @dmcmaster I looked it up, gears 3 still released on a Tuesday (USA)September 20th 2011

  • @mbun yeah the gpu market is killing pc gaming. :(

    It is interesting though that so many Sony games are heading to pc. As that was such a big complaint about Xbox.

  • Square Enix has released footage for Tomb Raider Ascension (2013) I vaguely remember reading rumors about a survival horror based Tomb Raider game in like 2010-11
    Youtube Video