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  • @scotty
    Maybe enough to make shareholders go "gee maybe making everything a live service game is a bad idea"

    Who am I kidding shareholders are probably more like
    "They failed because there wasn't enough MICROTRANSACTIONS and DLC"

  • @tokyoslim hell yeah baby! Switch is kinda lacking on the FPS front too so this is a wonderful news.

  • @dmcmaster

    They don't even say anything about what you just said. They think there are other reasons.

  • Not really "news" but I didn't know where else to post this. Someone found a Sonic CD prototype that's almost half a year older than the previously known oldest one out there.

    It's not exactly on the level of the Gold/Silver proto someone found last year but I dunno, I just find things like this really cool and wanted to share in case anybody else felt the same way. I think the most notable things are that we can speculate the Past versions of stages would have had CD audio quality instead of PCM like in the final game and R2 is on the time attack screen (though unplayable since this build just has Palmtree Panic, or I guess Salad Plain as it was called this early in development, on it.)

  • @scotty annoucing TLOU 2 PS5 edition! Coming Holiday 2020!!!

    I lol'd

  • @yoshi said in That's News!:

    I lol'd

    You lol'd to my sadness or to delay?



  • @scotty the delay.

    They'll probably just end up doing the same thing TLOU 2 as what they did to TLOU.

    I remember that got delayed, then it launched on PS3 and then like 6 months or so later they announced the "remastered" version for PS4

    Thats what i lol at

  • @yoshi

    I'm curious about the ''remastered'' part. ''Backward compatibility'' aspect means that; they shouldn't release ''new'' versions and they just should patch them up for PS5 if somebody put the disc and can play it with better graphics, RTX etc.

    I can only forgive the Ghost of Tsushima and that is because of the ''cross-gen'' aspect of that game.(It is not official but most of the community think like that)

    If they release The Last of Us Part II or any other previous exclusive for PS5 with its own thing(like not just a PS4 game in PS5 box but whole new ''gen'' looking) then I'm going to lose it. I love Sony but that would be so ridiculous when you have backward compatibility for all these games(except GoT like I said, cross-gen).

  • Yeah for the PS4 they needed to make a remastered version because it is incredibly difficult to emulate cell architecture with X86 unless you have a very powerful machine, it needed to be rewritten for the new architecture.
    But yeah, I'ma call shenanigans if they release remastered versions of games on PS5, as it will be using the same architecture as PS4 and should really just require downloading better assets.

  • I don’t think they are gonna make us re-buy PS4 games on PS5. With that said, I’m worried about the people at the top of SCE. I worry they are focusing on the wrong things. I say this as PS Now automatically advertises itself on my UI and the Toronto subway has PS Now ads and YouTube has PS Now ads and I’m just like uhhhh since when did PlayStation fans care about this?

  • Btw find it hilarious that a Chinese coke promotion seems to have confirmed Overwatch 2.. which from Rumors sounds more like Borderlands with 30 classes

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    I hope they put some kind of offline campaign. Trailers about the lore of universe were reall enjoyable.

  • @scotty I would love that as well, I only played Overwatch on the open beta way back, and while it was fun I'm not interested in an MP only game, but I would very likely check out sp content as I really liked it mechanically.

  • I didn't expect that they would announce it this soon. I mean PS version isn't even came out yet. Interesting approach from Sony's part. I wonder how the contract was.

  • Just found out the Switch versions of RE5 and 6 get Gyro controls

  • I knew death stranding would be coming to PC. no way kojima wont release his new game on his fav platform. that was deal with sony just to fund it.

    beside it was only interesting looking sony game. now came to PC.

  • @b-cell

    It was always coming to PC. It was about ''when'' mostly. They were always coy about PC talk. The only curiosity came from how long that time exclusivity will stay.

  • @b-cell That's bullshit. You literally said you fell asleep when they released the 50 minute gameplay video, and now you're saying it is the only interesting game from Sony because it's coming to PC?


  • @el-shmiablo
    Shimbo remember B-cells brain doesn't work all that good after the accident.