Inside (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I'd recommend against watching the trailer if you haven't played

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    Just going to merge some posts from previous topics into this one before giving my thoughts.

  • All I know is that was an experience.

    In an era where Day 1 patches are the norm, Playdead dropped the most polished game I have ever played. It isn't muddied up with guillotine prize drops, downloadable content, loot crates, or any other nonsense. It knows exactly what it aspires to deliver, and does so flawlessly.

    It's ambiance and visual design are exemplary... The minimalist color pallete and styling of the environments never detract from the world, rather, they enhance it's scope and sense of wonder. When paired with the stellar sound design, these elements work together to create some of the most awe inspiring video game moments in recent memory.

    I loved Limbo, but it was a little too entrenched in hardcore puzzle mechanics. With Inside, Playdead sacrifices a shred of that difficulty in order to create something far more beautiful, ambitious, and impactful.

    While the ending may come across a little sudden and empty, it wasn't cheap and didn't leave me without questions. It is my only qualm with an otherwise fantastic game. A true masterclass in design.


    I have to assume some sort of secret is revealed upon the collection of every orb (where the real gameplay challenge is). I'm sure there are already Youtube videos showing off what that is, but having already found almost half of them on my first playthrough, I hope to discover the rest without internet intervention, and the reward that comes with it on my own.

    Follow-up Edit

    Collected all of the orbs, and it was a neat puzzle to unlock the other ending... which I much prefer to the original, and will it take as CANON. Wow! What a game. Will replay again soon, and take some notes to work out some theories.

  • With Kyle and Ian bringing it up in today's Frame Trap, I figured now would be a good time to bump this thread. I still haven't done another playthrough, so I don't have too much more to say at the moment. I think thematically speaking, Ian is correct to say the overarching message is fairly obvious. I think its once you begin to dive deeper into each detail, that it can become a little foggy, especially if you try and tie it back into Limbo. The world has so much context, it allows for a lot different interpretations.

    @IanHinck, the sonic boom section, which I have to assume you were referring to (and a good example of not knowing why its happening), might be my favorite video game sequence of all-time. So good. @Bosman, the sound design is so crucial to the game, please at least play this one segment with the volume on.

  • Finished it yesterday and it was pretty amazing. Loved the aesthetics and the animation. It's also the first time in a long time that I was genuinely anxious. The freaking dogs and other "things" along with the sound design made my skin crawl (in a good way).

    I agree that the puzzles aren't necessarily difficult, but they're all pretty memorable. You feel a genuine sense of accomplishment when you solve them rather than going "THAT was the answer??". It's all fairly common sense.

    For people playing it for the first time, I recommend taking your time and absorb the imagery and sounds, especially during the final sequences. It's one of those mind-blowing things that'll leave a lasting impression for a long time.


  • Just finished it! Wow, beautiful game. I think my mouth was agape the entire time.

    Don't ask me about how I would interpret it, I'm not very deep. Despite that, it was all a wonder to behold. My wife usually ignores what I'm playing. But she actually watched me a couple of times. Where's the achievement for that?

  • I bought the game at release partially because of the good reception it got, and partially because I wanted to play it early to avoid spoilers. While personally I wasn't a big fan for a myriad of reasons, I will say that the animations in this game are perfect. For such a small team they really raised the bar there.

  • I bought this last week in the EU PSN sale. This was one of the games I was most looking forward to checking out.

    I played through in one sitting and while I was slightly underwhelmed by the very end of the game, I was blown away in general.

    I think the best thing I can say about the game is you feel everything. The animations, sound design and score really help with this. There is just this feeling of dread throughout and the animation on the central character at times of high tension is just perfect. I found myself talking out loud at times.

    Which brings me to how brutal this game can be. Man, some of those deaths are rough.

    As I probably pointed out initially, I was generally pretty lost from a story point of view. Sure there is the very obvious, this is happening here story but the actual things going on around that is where I just didn't really get it at the time.

    Before I go into spoilery related topics and questions, I don't think it's a spoiler to say there is another ending in this game which really does add a lot to it so whether you try to get it or just view it after, it's worth doing. (I did the latter)

    Inside has a lot of disturbing and creepy moments, especially in all the ways the player dies. However I have to say the girl/drone in the water really did unsettle me. There is just something about dark water and long dark wavy hair, especially in a child like body that seriously creeps me out. After doing some research since, I don't really understand why the first few you met were killing you while the last one seems to help you out, anyone have any ideas why this is? Did the 'hive' only have power over that one or something and how?

    With the secret ending, it's is heavily implied that your character is also a drone. So I'm wondering if he is part of some different set of drones. Along with that I take it that the first ending of the game would have to happen since you do destroy all of those electronic devices in the first playthrough. It just brings the question if the hive mind was now finally able to escape

    Edit: One thing I want to add. I love how the title to the game fits so well with so many different things within the game.

  • @tokeeffe9

    It doesn't help that the scene with the childish fish girl reads like a rape scene. Creepy, but I loved the horror aspect of it. By the way, after she frees herself from the tank I'm pretty sure it was all the same fish girl.

    Also, there's a Tomb Raider 2013 neck-impaling death that I'm pretty sure you can only get in one part of the game. One wonders why they go to the trouble... Anyway, the puzzles were great and that's all I need for a indie 10.

  • @Haru17

    I personally didn't get any rape like vibes to be honest. The thing is viciously drowning you and that's what it appeared like to me.
    I'm trying to remember where specifically she frees from the tank but if you're still able to interact with her from that point to where she helps you, I"m still a bit confused why she'd be killing you before but not now. Unless you're suggesting it has something to do with her breaking free and being closer to the hive, something like that.

  • @Haru17 said in Inside - (PC/PS4/XB1):

    Also, there's a Tomb Raider 2013 neck-impaling death that I'm pretty sure you can only get in one part of the game. One wonders why they go to the trouble...

    Because 4 years later you still remember it ;)

  • @Axel I also remember levels from games I haven't played in years for what it's worth, some of them pretty unremarkable. I have a very good memory when it comes to video games, spoilers, and release years, so I might not be the best test case.

  • The point does stand though. When you have something that has so many unique interactions, it does tend to stick with you a bit more. It helps even more when all these interactions are so incredibly polished.

    If think the following video does a pretty excellent job explaining their interpretation of the game. It has a second part too.

    Youtube Video

  • Loved this game so much, ended up pulling the trigger on it twice (once on PC cuz I just had to play it, no regrets and again on PS4 cuz its the system I game on the most). Like mentioned before each element of the game was wonderfully realized to set up a fantastic atmosphere.
    I loved the puzzles and how the game kept throwing new things at you, even in a couple secret areas they kinda threw in new game mechanics just for that one little section.
    This game is a great example of how short doesn't always mean bad, and can sometimes just mean extremely polished, no filler all killer.