Final Fantasy VI

  • @suplextrain Ok thanks!

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    @suplextrain Ok thanks!

    Beware though, Steam also has the """updated""" version of FF6 from iOS that is honestly not very good. The art is swapped, the color palette is wierd, the sprites are honestly pretty bad, etc.

  • @suplextrain I think I'm going to try the PS1 Anthology version. I'll play it on PS3 so speed load times shouldn't be a problem.

  • @Chris-Snow depends the system you own, i could say that the snes version is the best, some people could say that the GBA version is an upgrade, but if you could play any version, i would recommend SNES or the SNES VC on Wii or Wii U, just as Jones played it.

    the second way i would recommend is the GBA, althout the art style is not the same as the original, some people say that is the best.

    the PS1 version anthology is very slow becasue of the loading times, even if you play it on PS3, it has loading screens every battle, so you could imaging a grinding sessions it will take you forever to level up.

    note: i tried to emulated it on my psp and it has a lot of graphical errors, so it's not an option :P

  • @holy_angel_mx Wow, ok. SNES it is!

  • I've been running FFV on an emulator from the PS1 disc on my PC and it's been pretty smooth. The PS3 and Vita versions of the games worked well enough for me as well.

    Just, don't bother with the PC release or mobile editions. Aside from SNES, the GB Advance would be a great way to go, if you can get your hands on it.

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    If there's something I've learned over the years, avoid PC and handheld ports of FF games.

  • Think I can go w/o a guide when I've never really played it before? Or would you recommend using a walkthrough? Thanks again!

  • @Chris-Snow you could probably go without a guide, just need to talk to all the town people to check where to go next.

  • Yeah go SNES or Wii Virtual Console. GBA version aint too bad. I played Anthology on PS1 and the load times do make the game slower, not sure how it is on PS3. To be honest, If I were you I would just wait for the SNES Classic to be released and play FF6 on that.

  • SNES is the original and is one of the best versions, if not the best. GBA version has most content, but has it's music quality reduced. PSX version has pretty bad load times, but works well otherwise. Can't say much about the virtual console versions. But the versions on both mobile and Steam are horrid. Bad sprites and especially on Steam, it has still the phone UI, which is not great on PC.

    So there is my few cents on this matter. Great game, but some of the ports are not good. I'd say go for the Virtual Console releases, or go with SNES original. Or buy the game and then emulate it. I'm not your mother.

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    No need for a guide, there isn't much that is missable, maybe getting Mog that is in the last half of the game (and two other recruitable characters, one which isn't special and another that I've never used, but I think can be OP). I will say when/if you recruit him, search where he was standing and you'll get the moogle charm which turns on no encounters

    Gau is very OP if you know how to use him, but he's hard to get those skills that make him amazing, though there is one skill that isn't too hard for him to get. When you're on the Veldt and have him, when you come across the black cat, have him jump or waht ever it is, he'll eventually come back a couple battles later having learned cat scratch, which is a very good physical attack (all his attacks other than magic you teach him rage him and he'll only do that move)

  • Play how you want to play! If you do read a guide, be careful of spoilers in the "instructions." There are some really incredible story beats in that game.

    Also, for what it's worth, I played the GBA translation and thought the translation was really good.

  • I just beat the SNES version last week, worth it. The load times are miserable on PSX but at least the game itself isn't compromised.