Uncharted:The Lost Legacy (PS4)

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    Do you recon you would need to have finished 4 before playing this or would the first 3 games be good enough?

  • @Lotias It would work on its own, sure, but you'll get much more out of it if you've played UC4. The player's whole perspective on Nadine will be totally different depending if they've seen her before or not. And there are some other things tied to UC4 as well. Besides, four's a great game, why not play it first? Especially if you've gone through the first three anyway. :)

  • I've completed up to Chapter 5 and I'm really enjoying it so far. It absolutely is more Uncharted and that's a good thing for me.

    The weakest part of the standalone dlc so far is the story. The first few chapters don't really set up any major reasons to be invested in this story. It gives you little things and hints at why it's important but I don't know. I just wasn't feeling it. It's definitely significantly stepped up now with chapter 5 which felt like a mini uncharted game in itself.

    Prior to that chapter you have the open area and I absolutely adored it. Looking at that map and being given free reign to do whatever you want just felt so good. I took my sweet time exploring that whole area and exploration feels so rewarding as there are so many little things to pick up. Now I will say it's cool that you get something for that and I like the item (without it being too spectacular) but the noise it makes is really grating.

    Just to go on from the open area, the puzzles are great. Most are pretty easy but they're really satisfying to solve. Anything that has me moving or makes me use an item I have over just pressing on something, I'm all in on that. There is a simple one with bells but I really like that it's you using what you know. Just makes your brain go, oh ya, I could just use this. I like that.

    Chloe is kinda what I want from Lara Croft really. It just feels like she actually knows what she is doing while Lara feels more like she stumbles into things. I like Chloe & Nadine, I think initially they're fine but now that they've spent more time together, they're conversations have been really good. It nice to see them fleshed out more.

    Really though, it's amazing that we already have another Uncharted scale game. Sure it's shorter (although I'm already just under 5 hours playtime) but this is all new areas, characters, story... It just feels so fresh and that's amazing.

    Now with how chapter 5 ended, can't wait to see where it goes now!

  • Playing my second round now, collecting everything this time and so forth. Finished Chapter 4 tonight and it was really cool to notice that there were actually some minor changes in the dialogue this time around as I went through the places in different order. Great that it's been thought about. I even skipped the final destination totally this time (on my first playthrough I accidentally bumped into it first of all things, which was totally ok), and that was taken into consideration as well that it could happen. Oh Naughty Dog <3

    And there's this certain fight after which Nadine told me about all the things that I should improve in my combat, plus that my red shirt really wasn't the greatest choice for a combat scenario. This time, however, I was much better at that fight and what do you know! Nadine praises me! Damn, this is cool. I didn't get hit pretty much at all and shot all the enemies behind the cover efficiently. This was again something totally new in an Uncharted game, that a character changes her dialogue depending on my playstyle.

    And for the platinum trophy hunters there's this really cool easter egg kind of thing in Chapter 4. A certain location concerning Chloe. I propably would have kept missing it playthrough after another without looking up some trophy info.

    Climb all the way to the top of the central tower and Chloe begins to yoga at the top of that high building. Really cool moment, the camera slowly spins around her and the tower zooming slowly in and out. Stunning views and that whole moment is just... wow. I love this game and the series so much because of touches like this.

  • Just finished it last night, what a great game! Naughty Dog, if you want to release a new Uncharted of that scale once a year, please don't hesitate, I'll be there!

    I can't praise the writing enough, I never feel like I'm listening to videogame characters, but to real people, having real conversations. They manage to fit character development, background and plot exposition, humour and gravitas in every bit of dialogue without it ever feeling artificial. Also, if you want "strong female characters", look no further. I actually like Chloe more than Drake as a protagonist and I'd love to go on more adventures with her.

    I had the same thought as @tokeeffe9 while playing, Chloe is what Lara Croft should be, and I'll even extend that to Uncharted is what Tomb Raider should be. This was the most "Tomb Raider-y" game I've played since the originals, the sense of awe upon discovering long forgotten civilizations, the perfect balance between exploration, puzzles and action.

    The smaller scale and lack of innovation might exclude it from most GOTY discussions, but it's still an essential title if you've liked any of the previous ones in the series. I'd even say if you disliked the previous ones, maybe give this one a try, you might like it more.

  • I'm a little late coming back to write something but I finished The Lost Legacy on Friday and loved it! It's probably up there in the top 3 Uncharted games for me (Thinking U4, U2 & TLL)

    I'll just get the negative out of the way as it's only one thing really. The story in this game is nonsense really. What I mean by that is the reasons for the villain (Asad) to get the tusk is silly really. I think you can apply that to other games in the series too but it just feels a lot more blatent here. Also, due to that, Asad is a very bland villain. Easily one of if not the weakest in the series. That might be more apparent though because of how much I liked the bad guys in Uncharted 4 (Rafe in particular).

    Anyway, to contrast that, the dialogue and character development in the game is fantastic. I think that's what really sets these games apart. Not only do you get the insane production values that ND deliver, but there is a heart to the game too. If there is an option between a summer blockbuster movie and an Uncharted, it's Uncharted every day of the week.

    From chapter 5 onwards is when it really does go for the more traditional Uncharted gameplay. If you're not really digging the first half of the game, you should feel right at home here. I don't want to go into specifics as I think there are so many cool small moments and incredible setpieces in the game. All I'll say is that it easily has some of my favourite moments from the series, both in a quiet sense and in an absolutely spectacular sense. Hold onto your butts.

    I haven't touched the MP since U4 last year or survivor at all but I'd like to check them out at some stage.

    For the people who have played the game

    That bait and switch for the supernatural stuff. Hearing the wailing and then finding an injured elephant. My heart.
    Holy crap at the train sequence. Talk about all the glorious nostalgia of Uncharted 2 mixed with the main set piece of Uncharted 4 along with those refined mechanics. Just a fantastic chapter.

    All in all, I just cannot wait to see what they deliver with TLoU 2 and future IP.

  • I came across with this video from the night the game was released. It's an interview (one hour long) with both Claudia Black and Laura Bailey as well as game director Kurt Margenau and writer Josh Scherr.

    I can't help but love Claudia. :] The way she carries herself is just wow. All that positivity and being full of life. Her hair looks gorgeous! And her voice of course, I've loved that for years already. She's just stunning with her smile.

    When it comes to the game itself there were quite a lot of interesting stories here. Especially Josh opened up a lot of the studio's perspectives, it was nice to hear these kinds of things.

    Youtube Video

    And hey! As long as we're here: TGIF, people! :) So good.

    Youtube Video

  • This game was distractingly gorgeous. Each new discovery was even more amazing than the one that blew me away before it. I thought it was a blast to play and I'm just in awe of what Naughty Dog is able to do with their games.

  • Having just started Farscape again, it's sad to see how much Claudia has aged

  • @Sheria That thumbnail isn't really flattering for sure. But she really has that certain spark in her when you see her going and talking, I enjoy to see that in a person. Looks like she'll be 45 in November this year.