EZA Banner and Icons

  • Is there a place where users can go to download the official EZA logo, icon, banner, etc? I ask because it could be pretty cool to have these art assets to set up fan communities, set up as a wallpaper, and other cool things. Having hi-res downloadable images would be really cool.

  • Here is the Easy Allies Tumblr where a lot of fanart is posted, though not quite the same.


    What would be really cool is if they could incorporate the Tumblr in the main site and not use the actual tumblr. I don't personally use it and it would be great if a section of the website could be user submissions.

    @Bloodworth @UltimateBrent is something like this possible if Damiani worked on adding it to the main site?

  • If you scroll down far enough, there are a few of these

    alt text

    alt text