The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!

  • The results are in and with 38 lists submitted, 61 games nominated, we now have a Top 20 Best of 2015!

    I'll reveal one game each day to give you time to discuss it. Since EZA didn't exist in 2015, I'll include the GT Review for each game in the links section, it should be pretty fun to go back and watch those.

    Here goes!

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    #20. Rise of the Tomb Raider - 7 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 0
    #4: 2 (Faaip, LordBaztion)
    #5: 3 (Brannox, Exist 2 Inspire, NeoCweeny)


    Release date: November 10 [US], November 13 [EU]
    Developer: Crystal Dynamics
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows


    GT Review

  • I almost forgot about this! Thanks for the good work! I look forward to seeing only one of my five getting on the list~

  • It's in my library, but I have yet to play it. Just been getting to Mad Max recently, so it is likely next to play.

  • I was pretty excited for it since I loved the prequel, but for some reason never finished it, or maybe I should say I havn't finished it yet, might go back to it one day.

  • I liked the first one (infinitively better than any Uncharted in my eyes) but I haven't found enough motivation to look into this one, even though I would like to try it out.

  • I liked the first game more, the story is what was lacking in my opinion

  • The story and character is kinda why I haven't had a major interest to pick Rise up. I only played a demo of it at EGX the year it came out and it really bothered me how stupid they made Lara. She appeared to have no real sense of what she was doing, blowing up ruins and just fortunately stumbling across whatever she was looking for.

    Maybe I'm totally wrong but that's how it felt to me from the reboot and snippet of Rise I played.

    I'm sure it is a very entertaining game, it's just not on my radar right now.

  • While I enjoyed both of the new Tomb Raider games, I don't find them a patch on the older ones. Rise was a bit of a disappointment for me though. As the whole introduction was now over, this time around I really expected to see significant growth in Lara, to finally witness her "rise" to becoming the character we all know well. It didn't happen though, not even the guns came back.

    Overall, it was a fun game but still too set piece heavy and still lacking in proper tomb looting/treasure hunting.

  • Already I have a nomination on the list! I only played seven games that came out in 2015 so my choices came down to the cut off line. However, I didn't play this until late last year, because I was waiting for the PS4 version. What made RotTR make the cut is it still kept that sense of exploration and discovery the first game had and I hold more positive memories than I do negative ones. Yet, this entry does have issues:

    I agree with the sentiment here that the story just wasn't really there or compelling.

    The customization, while a welcome revised version overall, overstayed its welcome with how obtuse navigating the menus were, especially in the late game when I had to remember what I had left to upgrade.

    Because I played the PS4 version, I also played the Baba Yaga mission, The Croft Manor stuff and the Cold Darkness expansion. Those plus that survival mode make the game feel like a more complete package as the base game alone, while good, had that tacked on card system and time trials, which it could have done without.

    I encountered performance issues, though I may have been only in the minority because I don't remember it being discussed at the time. The most often occurrences were texture glitching and phasing through environments. They didn't happen often, but it was enough to be noticeable.

    With all of those negatives aside, the game does have redeeming qualities: Gameplay is polished, the customization system is great if it didn't have the hassle of navigating menu after menu, it has more features than the 2013 reboot, and it sets up for future games.

    I'm pretty happy with my time with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it just made my list because two other games were incredibly disappointing and four other games were at least good. RotTR was just ok for me.

    But shoutouts to @Faaip @LordBaztion @Exist-2-Inspire and @NeoCweeny for liking it just enough to make your lists!

  • I played Rise's PS4 version only early this year, so I didn't connect the dots here at all that I could have voted for it. Still, not much was lost: it could have maybe battled for my last one point, now it didn't.

    I think it's a solid game, I liked it. Lots to do and the action tends to be fun. A loooot to collect (which I did) in mainly interesting areas. At least in good-looking ones. I liked that there's a piece of lore or info tied into every object you collect. The treasures, you know. And just in general I really like how the game-world is built, its structure where you can go back and forth between places. The story wasn't the highlight of Rise, but I liked the backstory of a prophet travelling from Middle East into freaking Siberia. That was fresh, I felt.

  • I enjoyed Rise quite a bit. I agree that the story wasn't really all that great (I can't even remember it and I just played it this year) but the gameplay felt really good, the perks and customization were fun, and I enjoyed the expanded tomb areas. Overall its just a solid, fun adventure game which gets a vote from me!

    I'm surprised its so low on the list though.. I didn't really play much from 2015 I realized so I'll be looking forward to everyone's picks and looking for games to add to my list.

  • I've been on the fence for Rise ever since it came out on PS4, especially as it's been on sale quite a few times and includes all DLC, but even then I never pulled the trigger. I enjoyed the previous one but it didn't feel like Tomb Raider to me, more like an alternate, inferior Uncharted. And this new one did nothing to convince me it was any better, at least not in ways that would matter to me. I guess it's one of those that will forever be on my wishlist.

  • Rise is 20th best girl?

  • @TokyoSlim better than the "honorable mention" girl

  • Super Mario Maker

    #19. Super Mario Maker - 7 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 1 (naltmank)
    #4: 2 (SabotageTheTruth, NeoCweeny)
    #5: 0


    Release date: September 11 [US/EU]
    Developer: Nintendo EAD
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platform
    Platform(s): Wii U, Nintendo 3DS


    GT Review

  • If I were more creative I would have loved Mario Maker, but since I'm not it was a fun game to play for a few days but I got bored. That being said it's a pretty great game, and I certainly had fun watching people play the game and loved seeing Don's levels.

  • @Inustar I will admit that it gained most of its points for me because of GT/EZA videos. I also think that it's a great instructional tool for people wanting to dip their toes into level design, and for showing people just how hard it is to make something great.

  • I gotta admit... Don playing my Mario Maker level and making an entire drawing as a comment made my century/helped its ranking here. I gotta boot up my WiiU one of these days and share with you all.