The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!

  • I enjoyed Rise quite a bit. I agree that the story wasn't really all that great (I can't even remember it and I just played it this year) but the gameplay felt really good, the perks and customization were fun, and I enjoyed the expanded tomb areas. Overall its just a solid, fun adventure game which gets a vote from me!

    I'm surprised its so low on the list though.. I didn't really play much from 2015 I realized so I'll be looking forward to everyone's picks and looking for games to add to my list.

  • I've been on the fence for Rise ever since it came out on PS4, especially as it's been on sale quite a few times and includes all DLC, but even then I never pulled the trigger. I enjoyed the previous one but it didn't feel like Tomb Raider to me, more like an alternate, inferior Uncharted. And this new one did nothing to convince me it was any better, at least not in ways that would matter to me. I guess it's one of those that will forever be on my wishlist.

  • Rise is 20th best girl?

  • @TokyoSlim better than the "honorable mention" girl

  • Super Mario Maker

    #19. Super Mario Maker - 7 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 1 (naltmank)
    #4: 2 (SabotageTheTruth, NeoCweeny)
    #5: 0


    Release date: September 11 [US/EU]
    Developer: Nintendo EAD
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Platform
    Platform(s): Wii U, Nintendo 3DS


    GT Review

  • If I were more creative I would have loved Mario Maker, but since I'm not it was a fun game to play for a few days but I got bored. That being said it's a pretty great game, and I certainly had fun watching people play the game and loved seeing Don's levels.

  • @Inustar I will admit that it gained most of its points for me because of GT/EZA videos. I also think that it's a great instructional tool for people wanting to dip their toes into level design, and for showing people just how hard it is to make something great.

  • I gotta admit... Don playing my Mario Maker level and making an entire drawing as a comment made my century/helped its ranking here. I gotta boot up my WiiU one of these days and share with you all.

  • I think Super Mario Maker is amazing, I love everything I see about that game. It just had that issue with me where it was on the WiiU and I just never got around to purchasing one.

    I think it's safe to say that it would get a lot more votes if it had been on a more vibrant platform. Get it on Switch Nintendo!

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    Happy to see the results starting to roll in! :D

    I haven't played any of those 2 so I can't give any statement towards them I'm afraid :(

  • It's a shame that I have the creativity of a rock, and the attention span of a puppy to make anything half way decent in Mario Maker (or any other maker really), at least I can enjoy levels from people with actual talent.

  • I'm happy to see Super Mario Maker make the list. I haven't purchased Nintendo hardware in over a decade, so obviously I haven't played it, but just on concept alone, SMM is GENIUS. Anyone create their own Mario levels in four or five different designs with a designer's menu? I'm amazed Nintendo didn't put it out sooner.

    While the big N is crushing it with the Switch and Zelda plus Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey about to gang busters, and Metroid Prime 4 with mainline Pokemon in the works, all kinds of momentum is going their way and I would argue from a software standpoint, the current momentum, however slowly, started with this DIY Mario game.

  • SOMA

    #18. SOMA - 7 points


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    #2: 1 (SabotageTheTruth)
    #3: 1 (tokeeffe9)
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    Release date: September 22 [US/EU]
    Developer: Frictional Games
    Publisher: Frictional Games
    Genre: Survival horror
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X


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  • Right on @tokeeffe9, I know you've also been preaching the wonders of SOMA along here with me.

    People, despite it being unfairly labelled survival-horror, there's really not a lot of "surviving" to be done and it's light on the horror as well. If you want a sci-fi story that asks some engaging philosophical questions while building an oppressive atmosphere, SOMA is the best in the business. I'd also label it as having one of my favorite game endings as well.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Light on horror? I was terrified through that entire game. But then being at the bottom of the ocean is just plain terrifying to me.
    Pretty great game though, especially the themes it brings up, just not one of my faves to play that year.

  • @Inustar I dunno, under the ocean with robots doesn't really scare me much and my life is filled with existential dread so... SOMA felt like a nice walk around a park.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Worth preaching.

    I don't really want to overhype SOMA because if you look at it's core, it's a very familiar game. It could be any first person horror game that's come out this generation, the gameplay isn't amazing. But for me, it does one of those things where I feel like it's only possible to do in games. What I mean by that is when you control a character in a game, it adds that extra layer of investment. It's easier for the player to feel more involved with the character.

    It's pretty clear that things are not going well here and what initially seems like the central question/reveal of the game (What am I?) really doesn't matter at all. It's the far bigger themes and questions on existence that make it stand out to me. There are two moments in particular that really hit home in this game and it will always be a game I think of pretty regularly due to that. I can think of movies that have done something similar (and I love those movies too, don't want to say in case I spoil SOMA) but I fell like it's far more impactful here.

    I'd say it's more intense than horror. It has it's moments but overall it's more of a feeling of eeriness than straight up scary.

  • Damn, y'all are selling me hard on SOMA. I'll keep an eye out for a sale!

  • I watched a play through of SOMA and it was fine. I think I got it through Humble Monthly, but I'll probably never play it. Between the type of game and the tropes it utilizes, I just couldn't find myself caring too much about it.

    Super stoked about it's success, however. Fractional keeps surprising people with new things, and that's pretty rad. I am just not their target demographic. :)

  • @Sazime I think it's great that people are into watching let's plays of games but I personally feel that there is a huge difference between watching and playing something.

    It's basically what I said about games being able to do things that other mediums can't. Watching a let's play essentially turns this game into a movie. It just won't have the same impact.