The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!

  • Tales is a franchise I have no interest in, but a good friend of mine is really into it so when I have questions, I go to him. Outside of that, it doesn't surprise me that it placed.

  • I usually like every Tales of, I even liked Symphonia 2, this though was the 1st I played that has japanese voices, which adds extra awesomness for a weeb like me.
    On the other hand, 2015 imo wasn't a great year, my GotY was an easy choice really, nothing compared to this year.

  • Oh hey, I made it!
    Zestiria was pretty cool, more so after playing Berseria.
    As @Jigoku-no-Musou said, it wasn't a great year.

  • I generally like most Tales games but I thought Zestiria was the worst one I've ever played, except for maybe Symphonia 2.

    I didnt think they could manage a worse main character than Luke from Abyss but Sorey is the absolute worst main character in any game I've played

  • Until Dawn

    #15. Until Dawn - 9 points


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    Release date: August 25 [US], August 26 [EU]
    Developer: Supermassive Games
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Interactive drama, survival horror
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    GT Review

  • Until Dawn would have made my list had we been able to nominate 10 games. It does a lot of interesting stuff, although it does give this false sense that multiple playthroughs will be extremely different when that's just not true at all. Plus, we have this wonderful pajama party thanks to this game.

    Youtube Video

  • Until Dawn is coming up in my queue since it was free on PS Plus.. I'm looking forward to playing through it!

  • @Faaip Good October game, I gotta say. That's when I played through it last year.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh that's a good idea! I think I'll hold off until then instead.

  • I have very fond memories of Until Dawn, played it "coop" with my girlfriend on Christmas Eve, random thing to do but we had a blast! Picked 3 characters each and made decisions for them. Screwed up pretty badly overall, I think only 3 characters survived - the ones we didn't like!

    I thought the story was pretty good overall, a good mix of classic horror tropes mixed with some original ideas. If turned into a movie, it would probably be in the top tier of the genre.

    I still need to watch that pajama party!

  • Until Dawn is not my kind of game, and it was the Pajama Party that gave me my first real exposure to the game. However, shortly afterward, it proceeded to gain traction in coverage and praise. I may be wrong, but I THINK Until Dawn is considered the first great true PS4 exclusive outside of the launch window. Either way, it hit an unknown need for the market and because of this, the Inpatient announced during Sony's E3 pre-show seems like an intriguing concept that probably wouldn't have as much interest as it currently does.

  • @Brannox said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!:

    I may be wrong, but I THINK Until Dawn is considered the first great true PS4 exclusive outside of the launch window

    Bloodborne not great enough? (5 months before Until Dawn)

  • @Brannox Not the first great exclusive but certainly the first one that I remember being surprised by. Never had any doubt that Bloodborne was gonna be great, but a weird horror game with the cheerleader from Heroes? That was surprising.

  • Let's not forget everyone... Rami Malek is in Until Dawn. The dude won an Emmy for his amazing performance in Mr. Robot... and will be playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming movie about Queen.

  • Until Dawn is the ultimate 1-2 sitting game to play with your friends. You don't need to do multiple plays like people often do. Just do one and make emotional decisions. What I liked most was the lighting and the presentation in general was great, but I did find the audio to sound quite poor and overly loud (not the music though).

  • Obviously, I really enjoyed Until Dawn. There is more to that game than people give it credit for, there are a lot of little details that add to a specific characters motivations and reveal how they were failed by the people around them. I know the relatively linear story makes a lot of people feel like it isn't worth a second play through but you just need to look at it as an interactive horror film and think of repeat plays like repeat viewings and try to look for details you missed the first time. I think it is fascinating to see how little choices effect the dialogue and how some of the choices you need to make, to get the optimal endings, are extremely counterintuitive. I like watching other people play to see what choices they ultimately make. Also, throughout the entire development of the game, they wrote 10,000 pages of script, so I can forgive them for not having huge amounts of branching paths and alternate endings.

    The GT Until Dawn pajama party was one of the first GT streams that really sucked me in and after watching it I convinced some friends to do a similar co-op play through (We'd done the same thing with Heavy Rain too) so that helped keep it in my top 5 for the year!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Haha yes! I started watching Mr Robot only a few weeks after playing Until Dawn and was like "I know this guy! Where do I know him from??" His character was great in the game too.

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    I need to play until dawn it seems haha! even though it doesn't fully seem like my cup of tea I keep hearing good things about it and it was free on PS+ yeah haha

  • @Lotias Well for free it doesn't hurt to check it out 😀

  • Until Dawn was one of those games that floated around the top 5 for me.

    At a quick glance it's a fun cheesy horror game but I think, for that type of game, it's actually pretty smart in it's writing. It's a blast to play by yourself or with friends and I found myself replaying different parts to get all the totems(?) and see how things affected the characters.