The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!

  • I would say that elevating Until Dawn to Bloodborne tier is a bit of an overstatement. It's a nice game and it was a surprise that nobody expected, but it's not head and shoulders undoubtedly greater than stuff like Infamous First Son + First Light IMO.

    Also, Driveclub remains to this day, a much better game than people give it credit for. A lot of the negative opinion about it stem from Sony's PS+ edition blunder. The game itself has been good. It had launch server problems. BATTLEFIELD4 was broken for like 2 months. Driveclub got squared away much faster. Sony botched the messaging and didn't properly explain the details/situation or release the promised "free" PS+ version fast enough for some folks. It produced a lot of salt.

  • I love Resogun so will use any opportunity to mention how great it is!

  • @TokyoSlim I agree in terms of personal preference, but not from public reception. Agreed on how Blooborne is over Until Dawn, but in terms of people talking about a game, taking to it, etc., I would and do say Until Dawn is close (but not greater than) Bloodborne.

    Also, I really like your Battlefield 4 example. I also remember several other games being broken at the time of the console launch, but outside of Driveclub, I think of many of those as multiplatform games like BF4 and Assassin's Creed: Unity. It's not a coincidence this was at the generation's start.

    To Driveclub, I agree that it currently is a much, MUCH better product than at launch, but my point resides at the time of release, not as of today July 31, 2017. Because of this, it will always have that stain, regardless of its current state.

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    #14. Assassin's Creed Syndicate - 9 points


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    #3: 1 (Lotias)
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    #5: 1 (Sentinel Beach)


    Release date: October 23 [US/EU]
    Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Genre: Action-adventure, stealth
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    GT Review

  • @Brannox said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2015!:

    but in terms of people talking about a game, taking to it, etc., I would and do say Until Dawn is close (but not greater than) Bloodborne

    I certainly do not share this experience or opinion. IMO, Bloodborne is head and shoulders above Until Dawn, and Until Dawn is down in the same tier as Infamous: Second Son.

    I know metacritic isn't any indication of quality or anything, but Until Dawn is sitting at a 79 meta with an 8.3 user score. That's certainly not indicative of what you're telling me. Infamous Second Son, for example is an 80 with an 8.1 user score and Bloodborne is a 91 with an 8.8. Certainly a case can be made for Until Dawn and Infamous being similarly thought of games based on the critics and user reviews.

    I:SS seems to have gotten way more " discussion" than Until Dawn in places like GAF, where the OT for Second Son is like 5x larger than the OT for Until Dawn.

    I feel like people remember Until Dawn well because nobody expected anything out of it, and when it ended up being good, people were happy about it. It's a fun success story.

    Infamous was hyped all to hell for a year before it even came out, had magazine articles, dev videos, etc. It was supposed to be a PS4 launch game and got delayed until March 2014. When it released people were disappointed that it was ONLY "Good" and not "GREAT". That's where the difference in recollection comes from IMO. Don't forget too, that SS was supported with one of the first real great "Photo Modes" on the console shortly after release, and there was free DLC with Paper Trail that had people playing well after release. I spent more time in the photo mode for Infamous than I did playing through the entirety of Until Dawn. It was among the best looking open world games on the PS4 until probably the Witcher and Horizon came out.

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate! I own this game!

    And I played it for about two hours...

    Once again I fell victim to AC having locations I think are cool to run around in...

  • There were other things I voted for above Syndicate, but I can't be mad about it. I love those types of games. I'm a sucker for them.

    Until Dawn LPs are the best LPs, especially if you can go into one knowing NOTHING about the story.

  • @TokyoSlim For your Metacritic paragraph, I am not saying quality does it compare, so if it came off that way, I apologize for being unclear.

    But your point about Infamous actually ties into the subjective aspect to my point: I have seen/heard more about Until Dawn than Infamous, whereas you have seen more about Second Son. I guess that's where the disconnect stems from: I haven't seen what you have, and I can't be sure what you have or have not seen without going through a too arduous and unnecessary process of going through EVERY thing you've seen.

    So with providing evidence of GAF thread length, you are correct, whereas all I can say is through podcasts and discussions elsewhere like these forums (I don't visit GAF), I have seen more Until Dawn discussion.

    To your point about Infamous being hyped, this isn't surprising, because (Again, I probably need a correction here), it was the most established property that had a great pedigree, so to me it makes sense it would be the most anticipated initial game pre-release.

    (On a different note, thanks for the discussion! I'm enjoying it!)

  • I have become jaded about the Assassin's Creed franchise, so I've hard passed on every entry, regardless of quality, and will pass on the upcoming Origins. With that being said, I feel like Syndicate was the best critically in the series in quite some time, even if sales suffered courtesy of Unity. The setting is interesting, but from an outside perspective, I don't (and wouldn't) know how the assassin's and templars fit in the Industrial Revolution.

    But however it does, it's a lot better than any present day story arc the series ever had.

  • @Brannox I feel... kinda... excited for origins. But I havnt play AC since the pirate one. I really like Egypt history.

  • @Brannox I won't pre-order an Assassins game any more, but they all end up in my library and all end up being played to completion.

  • Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

    #13. Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition - 10 points


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    Release date: October 27 [US/EU]
    Developer: Larian Studios
    Publisher: Larian Studios, Focus Home Interactive
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X



  • Damn! If I had done my list a week later then Divinity Original Sin would have been on my list, since I only started playing it recently.
    It's really good though, a lot of fun.

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    There I am!

  • Divinity is a franchise I know even less than Tales, so I must refrain further, but no doubt it's worthy of being here

    @CGamor7 @Sazime And that's totally cool! Personally speaking, I picked up 3 solely for playing as a Native American during the American Revolution and 4 solely for being a pirate. Even if it's a setting, a concept, or mechanic, and Origins has it for you, then hey, it's your kind of game! I hope you enjoy it if you do grab it (But that Oct 27 date, yeesh...).

  • @TokyoSlim

    I never understood the appeal of Drive Club. My dad gave me a free voucher for it that came with his Sony phone. 100% and I mean ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT of the races I played online consisted of people ramming me right from the get go and throughout. The person who would win was the person who escaped the ramming at the beginning.

    Then what frustrated me even more is that I lose points and get punished for being rammed by other players when I hit a wall or hit somebody else as a result of it. That was a completely broken system and made me question how this game got any praise at all.

    This criticism has nothing to do with the PS+ botch.

  • @GoTaco
    I mean, people who don't know how to drive (or just like messing with you) ram in most online driving games, it's not a DC specific issue...Also, PvP multiplayer is 1 of 3 of the game modes, and it's not even the "main" mode, so maybe try Trials or Single where you're not going up head to head with online trolls until you learn how to mitigate them?

  • As much as I love Divinity: Original Sin, to me that game came out in 2014, so I didn't include it in my list. I know this applies for the base game, not for the Enhanced edition, but still... :/

  • @jipostus Yeah that one was pretty dodgy, but the Enhanced Edition is so different from the vanilla game that I felt it was ok to allow it.

  • @jipostus I just go by the rules. It's not a port or a simple remaster. The game is significantly different than Divinity 2014.