What music/soundtracks have you enjoyed during a tragedy/depressing time in life?

  • My mom died a week or so ago, and I just had to put my 16 year old dog down. My mom was diagnosed with cancer on May 12th, we found it was terminal 4-5 weeks later. She was in hospice during her last couple days, and was comfortably asleep when she passed.

    I've been listening to the "Relaxing" Breath of the Wild music compilation on YouTube, and was wondering what other sound tracks/music people have found to be enjoyable during the sad times in life. Any jazz/classical music is welcome as well.

  • I'm sorry for your losses. That's really rough.

    I generally listen to 'sad' music most of the time. I give the artist or thing and name a few songs I listen to more than others.
    OST wise:

    Some composers/Artists :

    As for Lyrics:

    Everything else I listen to, I mostly randomly find as opposed to listening to an album. Not sure if any of that will help but I do hope in time things get better for you.

  • Seriously sorry for your loss, I've had the good fortune of not losing any close relative yet, but I've been downright miserable when our dogs have passed.

    I listen to a lot of sad music, depressing actually which I find extremely beautiful and soothing, and sometimes saddening, so some of it I can say for sure that I can't recommend to anyone in such times, but they are very good for me when I'm feeling down.

    Song of the Ancients - Nier OST, my favorite song from gaming, I can listen to it for hours non stop and just get lost in the melody.

    Les Discrets - Septembre et ses dernieres pensees, incredible shoegaze album, I often listen to it while sleeping in buses.

    Pretty much Everything from Sigur Ros as it really does have an ethereal element to it that engrosses the listener

    I don't think I can recommend anything as much as Hour of the Nightingale from Trees of Eternity, this is the first and only album this band will ever the make, the vocalist and wife of the composer also passed after she finished recording, the album is essentially an epitaph to her and I found the music to be indescribably beautiful, with a lot of added weight coming from the knowledge of how the creator felt when writing the album, there's a song called A Million Tears listening to it was the first time I ever teared up from just listening music, I can't understate it's impact. I guess I should say that this would definitively be a grieving song not a cheering up one, but as I mentioned that works for me.

    Hopefully any of these can help out in these times.

  • I'm so sorry for your losses. We're here for you, man.

    I listen to similar music to you. Largely ambient soundtracks. Fruddle on youtube has a bunch of great compilations for that. Not music related, but I find taking walks helps me a lot, preferably near some water. It helps me be present, and it centers me. I usually kind of bounce between surrounding myself with friends/family and taking those solitary walks as necessary. Everyone copes differently, though, so do what's best for you.

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    Oh man that really sucks so hard! I am so so sorry for your loss! I can't even begin to understand how you must feel.

    This is one of my absolute favourite sad video game songs. I listen to this on a rainy day. I listen to this when I feel down. I listen to this when life feels hard. Its so... relaxing and just pulls the right strings. Final Fantasy IX - Kingdom of Burmecia you also got Freya's Theme which are paling similar lines

    I really do like a lot of the Halo OST as well, this one stands out a bit though Heavy Price Paid

    This soundtrack... I found randomly one evening after feeling down for a long time and it just... started something inside of me and that was the turning point for me towards getting out of the vicious circle I had been in for so long. Whisper of hope

    Also something I recently discovered are that Life is Strange got some really awesome music in it. Especially these two songs:
    Mt Washington - Local Natives
    Spanish Sahara - Foals
    If you have played the games they strike you extra hard in the heart - well worth it.

    I will post more as they come up. Hope they can help a little at least.

  • @Lotias Life is Strange has Spanish Sahara in it?! Whatttt. I have been spreading the love of that song since Total Life Forever came out in 2010. That's really awesome to see it get some more exposure.

    @Stormcrownn, I know nothing I can say in this situation will actually help much, but like the others here, I'm sorry for you having to go through all of that in such a short time. There's been a lot of great suggestions here and I definitely lean more on the ambient side of things when I'm feeling down. Broken Social Scene's Feel Good Lost is a source of comfort for me. On nights where the world just felt like it was crushing me, I'd put it on loop and drift away from everything for awhile.

    Feel Good Lost

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    @SabotageTheTruth Yes it does! (not gonna spoil) but as with everything else where its at, it really strikes right and needless to say where it was my eyes was sweating A LOT!

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose people or pets that are so close to you, but... Everything has an end. It will take time to move on, but stay strong. Feel free to take your time, yet don't alienate yourself from your friends.

    When I lost my dog, Sasu (Half German Shepherd, Half Collie, 100% awesome, and will always be my avatar in various places, including these forums), I wan't able to go driving for few weeks. I was too shocked by the loss. While recovering from that loss, I listened music that was close to me personally, including Final Fantasy OST's, watched movies I like (LOTR trilogy) and played games I enjoyed playing (FF X, Heroes 3, Liero 1.33).

    But just remember: You're not Alone.

  • Damn really sorry for your loss man.

    normally when i'm depressed i tend to listen to music where the lyrics relate to the tone of the type of situation i'm in. There's no right or wrong answer though. listening to happy songs you know your Mum would have loved and you both enjoyed together may help you as well.

    Listen to whatever type of music your soul feels like telling you to listen to.

  • Thanks everyone! Reading through all of these now.

    I just bought a PSVR after watching Dino Frontier, so I'm in a pretty good mood. ^_^

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    Today I need this thread. Found out last night that a friend of mine passed away Sunday. I feel so empty

  • @Lotias I'm sorry for your loss. It will be hard, but stay strong. And take your time.

  • @Lotias Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully this thread helps in some way.

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    @jipostus @tokeeffe9 Thank you both! yes Ive been blasting the music today. Screaming, crying and singing really helps in a bizzare way.

  • Tallahassee by The Mountain Goats is pretty damn good album for whenever you feel miserable. It's much more "breakup music" than grieving music though.

    Youtube Video

    I'll still leave this here, sorry for your loss again.