EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2017: That's All She Wrote (12/27/17)

  • Kenyan Drake, who I played middle school football with, is a relevant fantasy starter. Wild

  • Is it possible to get a post with everyone's team name connected to their forum username. I don't know who to root for and who to make fun of. But from guessing by reading some posts I'm suppose to make fun of @SilentConsonant :P

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    Some of us have place our bets on who would win the whole thing. Since not all of us are playing this year.

  • Easy Ally

    Anyone who didn't bet on the Surprise Thunder is a fool. I heard they got 38 pts just from their DST and Kicker last week

  • The Canada Hashcats don't need a real QB to win this...or any Receivers really...I mean, Mark Ingram and Gronk totally have this...

  • @ib0show Everybody Loves Football (ELF) is a team made of plucky-but-lovable chibi Japanese kids. They thought they were signing up for intramural soccer. Nope. Suck it up, you're in the NFL now, kid.

    Sometimes their chibi-ness makes them hard to tackle. Usually though, it just results in scoring between 50-70 points.

  • Pack it in boys I got a new reinstated Josh Gordon

  • @TheCowardRobertFord but for how long?

  • IDK how to play this but I would like to try it it seemed interesting

  • @mopfking1 You kind of have to get in before the football season starts. There's weekly games that you can pick up whenever... but our league is a season long one. :)

  • @ib0show This is a good idea. Maybe we can all add our team names and a small backstory, then I can make a master post with all of them listed?

    ablank2 (me): Team Formerly Rated 7.8
    Backstory: Last year I was simply team 7.8. I lived up to the mediocrity of my name, barely making the playoffs and losing in the first round. This year, despite my best efforts, I am still only 4-4 and still v average.

  • So Kyle is Surprise Thunder
    Hashtagonist is Canadian Hash Cats
    Tokyo Slim is Everybody Loves Football
    ablank2 is Team Formerly Rated 7.8
    Jamicov is Juniata Jabronies
    SabotageTheTruth is Transylvania Werehogs
    PK_Rocket is The Squirtle Squad

  • I'm the Juniata Jabronies. Not much backstory to the name, Juniata is just the college I attend and I had been watching a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so "Jabroni" was the first J word I could think of that fit.

  • Hashtagonist is gonna beat me this week. I've decided to start Eddie Lacy.

  • Desaun WHY. Feel terrible for the dude. Oh well starting Josh McCown now so I have a reason to watch Thursday Night Football. J E T S Jets Jets Jets!

  • Week 9 Update:

    Love & Respect, allies!

    Week 8 Results:

    • Team Jeff Fisher (57.6) fell to Everybody Loves Football (71.4)
    • Surprise Thunder (103.6) defeated Transylvania Werehogs (95.7)
    • Canada Hashcats (82.1) defeated Punished "Smoking" Jay (75.1)
    • Juniata Jabronies (71.2) defeated Mementos Mobsters (61.9)
    • The Waifu Warriors (79.2) fell to The Squirtle Squad (108.5)
    • Rufus Rhinos (79.4) fell to Team Formerly Rated 7.8 (125.1)

    Current Standings:

    Week 9 Preview:

    • Team Formerly Rated 7.8 (4-4) v Team Jeff Fisher (5-3)
    • Transylvania Werehogs (3-5) v Punished "Smoking" Jay (4-4)
    • Mementos Mobsters (1-7) v Surprise Thunder (5-3)
    • Everybody Loves Football (3-5) v Canada Hashcats (5-3)
    • The Squirtle Squad (7-1) v Juniata Jabronies (6-2)
    • Rufus Rhinos (4-4) v The Waifu Warriors (1-7)

    For up-to-date roster information and live scores visit tinyurl.com/ezafantasyfootball

  • My QB3 has just ourscores Aaron Rodgers at his best game

  • Running the Transylvania Werehogs, the only team with a winning record last year that didn't make it into the playoffs. Our fellas have a huge chip on their shoulders, which is why they've taken to losing a lot of games this year.

  • Thank you AJ Green for getting thrown out. Here comes my 4th loss in a row

  • @Peter We both left a LOT of points on the bench this week. Whoops.