EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2017: That's All She Wrote (12/27/17)

  • The Canada Hashcats don't need a real QB to win this...or any Receivers really...I mean, Mark Ingram and Gronk totally have this...

  • @ib0show Everybody Loves Football (ELF) is a team made of plucky-but-lovable chibi Japanese kids. They thought they were signing up for intramural soccer. Nope. Suck it up, you're in the NFL now, kid.

    Sometimes their chibi-ness makes them hard to tackle. Usually though, it just results in scoring between 50-70 points.

  • Pack it in boys I got a new reinstated Josh Gordon

  • @TheCowardRobertFord but for how long?

  • IDK how to play this but I would like to try it it seemed interesting

  • @mopfking1 You kind of have to get in before the football season starts. There's weekly games that you can pick up whenever... but our league is a season long one. :)

  • @ib0show This is a good idea. Maybe we can all add our team names and a small backstory, then I can make a master post with all of them listed?

    ablank2 (me): Team Formerly Rated 7.8
    Backstory: Last year I was simply team 7.8. I lived up to the mediocrity of my name, barely making the playoffs and losing in the first round. This year, despite my best efforts, I am still only 4-4 and still v average.

  • So Kyle is Surprise Thunder
    Hashtagonist is Canadian Hash Cats
    Tokyo Slim is Everybody Loves Football
    ablank2 is Team Formerly Rated 7.8
    Jamicov is Juniata Jabronies
    SabotageTheTruth is Transylvania Werehogs
    PK_Rocket is The Squirtle Squad

  • I'm the Juniata Jabronies. Not much backstory to the name, Juniata is just the college I attend and I had been watching a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so "Jabroni" was the first J word I could think of that fit.

  • Hashtagonist is gonna beat me this week. I've decided to start Eddie Lacy.

  • Desaun WHY. Feel terrible for the dude. Oh well starting Josh McCown now so I have a reason to watch Thursday Night Football. J E T S Jets Jets Jets!

  • Week 9 Update:

    Love & Respect, allies!

    Week 8 Results:

    • Team Jeff Fisher (57.6) fell to Everybody Loves Football (71.4)
    • Surprise Thunder (103.6) defeated Transylvania Werehogs (95.7)
    • Canada Hashcats (82.1) defeated Punished "Smoking" Jay (75.1)
    • Juniata Jabronies (71.2) defeated Mementos Mobsters (61.9)
    • The Waifu Warriors (79.2) fell to The Squirtle Squad (108.5)
    • Rufus Rhinos (79.4) fell to Team Formerly Rated 7.8 (125.1)

    Current Standings:

    Week 9 Preview:

    • Team Formerly Rated 7.8 (4-4) v Team Jeff Fisher (5-3)
    • Transylvania Werehogs (3-5) v Punished "Smoking" Jay (4-4)
    • Mementos Mobsters (1-7) v Surprise Thunder (5-3)
    • Everybody Loves Football (3-5) v Canada Hashcats (5-3)
    • The Squirtle Squad (7-1) v Juniata Jabronies (6-2)
    • Rufus Rhinos (4-4) v The Waifu Warriors (1-7)

    For up-to-date roster information and live scores visit tinyurl.com/ezafantasyfootball

  • My QB3 has just ourscores Aaron Rodgers at his best game

  • Running the Transylvania Werehogs, the only team with a winning record last year that didn't make it into the playoffs. Our fellas have a huge chip on their shoulders, which is why they've taken to losing a lot of games this year.

  • Thank you AJ Green for getting thrown out. Here comes my 4th loss in a row

  • @Peter We both left a LOT of points on the bench this week. Whoops.

  • Global Moderator

    T.Y. Hilton Used "SURPRISE THUNDER" and K.O.'d Me...

  • @ib0show My team is The Squirtle Squad. We are the roughest toughest pack of Squirtles you have ever seen.

  • @ib0show So from what I have been able to figure out, here is the full list of participants this year. Good luck to all teams in this, week 10 of Easy Allies Fantasy Football!

    PK Rocket - Squirtle Squad

    SabotageTheTruth - Transylvania Werehogs

    Jamicov - Juniata Jabronies

    ablank2 - Team Formerly Rated 7.8

    Tokyo Slim - Everybody Loves Football (ELF)

    Bosman - Surprise Thunder

    Peter - Team Jeff Fisher

    The Coward Robert Ford - Punished Smokin Jay

    TheHashtagonist - Canadian Hash Cats

    Silent Consonant - Mementos Mobsters

    KansasGears - The Waifu Warriors

    Alex840 - Rufus Rhinos

  • When you play the lowest ranked team in the league, games are only an hour in, and they already have over 50 points. I feel like that sums up my season pretty well at this point.

    Bye bye playoff chances, you are nothing but a distant memory now. Now I just want Bosman to take this whole thing.