EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2017: That's All She Wrote (12/27/17)

  • Love & Respect, allies!

    That concludes season 2 of EZA Fantasy Football! Thank you all for playing and making it great! Hopefully next year will be even better!

    Congratulations to the Juniata Jabronies ( @Jamicov )on the win! May Todd Gurley dance in your dreams for an eternity!

    And with that I give you the final standings!


  • Sign me up! It was a lot of fun last year and definitely a learning experience for my first season in fantasy.

  • Please sir, may I have another!?!

    (I beat Bosman)

  • Count me in for another season. Last year was really fun!

  • I'd like to sign up. Know roughly when the draft is?

  • @TheCowardRobertFord sometime before 8:00PM September 7th

    In all seriousness we'll come up with a definitive date once we get the people. It will probably be end of August/early September

  • Hopefully we wait a little longer on the draft this year. I remember drafting Teddy Bridgewater last year and then bam, he's out for the entire season before it even began. Then again, that let me pick up Matt Ryan who had an amazing season (and an amazing loss in the Super Bowl) so.... maybe it wasn't all that bad.

  • I will happily join if you don't mind! I've been looking for a good fantasy league this year. It is impossible to get my friends into fantasy.

  • I tweeted at Bosman

  • Global Moderator

    I think I'll give it a shot this year

  • What scoring system did you use last year?

  • @TheCowardRobertFord standard scoring. no ppr. It is slightly customized from ESPN's defaults to be more similar to NFL.com but we will be using the ESPN app because it is better.

  • I would like to play again!

  • Sign me up again! Had a blast last year barely making the playoffs

  • Easy Ally

    I can't do worse than last year. In

  • Is the manager for THE RUFUS RHINOS around?

    I took three hard defeats against you last year, so now I've decided that we're now each other's greatest nemesis.. nemesees...nem.. you're my rival! (stole that joke)

    I ended last season with my team imploding in 4 straight games to fall from the mediocre heights of fourth to the pit of despair of sixth place out of twelve teams. My goal is to not pick such weak, whiny babies this year who get "tired" and "lose". Only winning in 2017/18! Huzzah!

  • I am! Would love to partake again this year!

  • I'm down! Gimme some of my Cleveland Browns in the draft and I'll make a hard run at the playoffs, just watch

  • And the league is full! Thanks to everyone for signing up. Lots of returning teams and even a few new ones! Again I would just like to reiterate that it is important and just all around good sportsmanship to keep participating with the league each week. This wasn't much of an issue last season so I don't expect it to be an issue this year either but that being said it doesn't take a whole lot to commit yourself. Just bare minimum set your lineup each week.

    Also one last thing. Last season there was a trade that went down where one party claims he didn't actually intend to accept the trade but did. There was some controversy to this because one of the players involved in the trade was reported injured around the same time the affected party contacted me asking me if I could block the trade. So to set the expectation going forward all trades and other transactions are final. I will not use my commissioner powers to override adds/drops/trades etc. if you accidentally hit a button that's on you, but don't worry if you're new to fantasy you're usually given warnings and asked to confirm before making most decisions final.

    And that is all. Now we just have to work out a draft date. Let's shoot for the end of August or early September. If you guys have specific dates you'd like to suggest please feel free to share! I will officially reactivate the league sometime in the next day or so and send the invite link out to each of you. If you were in last year's league I will probably still remove you and reinvite you just because I don't remember exactly which team belonged to each of you. Expect a PM from me in the next day or so!