Genres you no longer love

  • Sports, my favorite sports games were NFL2k5 and NCAA Football series, well no longer exist and the franchise/career modes in the likes of Madden and Fifa leave a lot to be desired.

  • Jrpgs.

    Though I'm working against this. I don't want to dislike these, but I've found that I don't have the patience and the time for this type of game anymore. When I was younger I played pretty much ONLY Jrpgs, now it's super rare.
    I played Persona 5 and loved it, but I still haven't finished it... but I will. I hope. It's just super long, and apparently I get distracted easily.

  • Baseball games, which is a real bummer since that used to be a big bonding point for me and my brothers. Guess it doesn't matter as much since we don't live together anymore, though.

  • Man, this thread is depressing.

    Like anything in life, we go through phases, but I honestly don't think I'd ever be able to completely rule out a single genre, even if my tastes have changed. I hadn't played a fighting game for several years until Injustice 2 came out and I loved what it had to offer, for example. I can understand time being a constraint as a lot of us are much more busy than back when we were kids, but to completely axe every game in a genre without blinking feels bad.


  • Gangsta rap

  • I used to be a big fan of the RTS (Rea Time Strategy) genre back in the days starting with Dune II, then came the Warcraft series and of course C&C 1&2. With the arrival of the N64 I almost stopped playing them (and PC in general) completely except for buying C&C 64 (would have gotten Starcraft 64 as well if it was released in europe). Then I abandoned the genre almost completely except getting the C&C 10th Anniversary collection but I never really got into it again.
    Eventually though C&C 3 came out on the 360 which I bought and played through, and afterwards the same with Red Alert 3, since then though I havn't really played any RTSs, I did buy some on GoG sales like the Earth 21XX games, Total Annihilation and KKND 1&2 (also some Star Wars RTSs but those were part of a bundle on Steam), but I havn't gotten around playing them yet.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou Hah, I was also going to say RTS. I just don't have the brains for it anymore, and it's also a fairly 'dead' genre. I hear a lot of people that say MOBAs have replaced RTS, but that sounds crazy to me

  • Fighting games, definitely.
    Too old for this shit.

    But my patience for racing/sports games is diminished too.

    Lately a genre I considered dead (for me) had a renaissance in my heart: JRPGs
    Ni No Kuni and mainly Persona 4 Golden rekindled the flame.

  • Telltale games.

  • I still love JRPGs but I find myself getting tired of Random Encounters. It's a Genre I still love, just a part of it I'm starting to dislike.

  • @glitch I'm the same with JRPG's still my favorite genre but I avoid any that require excessive grinding.

  • I used to sink most of my time into SOCOM II online multiplayer in the PS2 days. I played a lot of TF2 on my PS3. I played A LOT A LOT of Warhawk and SOCOM Confrontation on PS3 as well.

    I cannot be bothered by online multiplayer at all anymore. At least competitive modes. I'll still do PvP in Souls, but that is a lot different.

    I find MP is a waste of time and the XP-era really ruined it for me where people strived for unlocks instead of wins. Addiction sort of superseded the idea of solid matchups. Not to say we can't have both, but the nuke in MW2 and camping oriented classes sort of solidified that addiction/XP-first model.

    Warhawk 2 or SOCOM II HD can bring me back in but even so, I just prefer SP now.

  • I used to love JRPGs but that ended early last gen, when games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Fallout decisivelly shifted my attention to WRPGs. Curently I find myselft having a though time getting into the high fantasy worlds that JRPGs envision. For example, I'm fine with FFXV and Dark Souls, which are more grounded.

    Other genre I no longer love is platformers. I guess that it started during the second half of the sixth generation as I got more interested into narrative and more mature games.

  • Shooters, mainly FPS's. The last one I played was Overwatch last July and I'm just not excited for this genre anymore. 10 years ago, I would've been obsessed with games like Fortnite and Battlefront but that spark is gone.

  • 2D platformers. i still like them, but they don't hold my interest anywhere near as much as they used to anymore. then again we have had a crapload of them in recent years with all of the New Super Mario Bros, DK, Yoshi and Kirby games coming out.

    i still like playing them, but they don't hold my interest long enough to bother finishing alot of them these days.