EU PS+ price increased

  • This felt like a bigger topc for discussion over a "That's News" post. Earlier in the year the price of PS+ was risen in the NA region and it hitting Europe by the 31st August.

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    I've got PS+ for about 2 more years so this doesn't necessarily affect me too much. However now that they've risen the prices in two huge markets for them, they absolutely need to improve the service. PS Store and download speeds just aren't good enough.

  • In euros (€):

    • Annually, 49,95 € --> 59,95 €
    • Quarterly, 19,95 € --> 24,95 €
    • Monthly, 6,95 € --> 7,95 €

    I'm personally covered until August 2018, so it'll be a while until I need to curse these new prices. There was a sale for a one year subscription recently, it was something like -30 % off, a good deal anyway so I took it.

    Improvements sure would be nice, I agree.

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    Yeah this is kidna disappointing. I mean its a service that are a bit shakey at best with their download, lag etc and now they increase the pricing. I really expect some good improvements then.. might also buy another year just to save some money in the long run

  • What?

    I thought that the price rise in NA was in order to bring it parallel with the EU prices, and now they've raised our price by 25% at best, 33% at worst?

    That's really shitty. Transparency Sony! Transparency!

  • <3 Sony

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  • It's really ironic that I was planning on dropping PS+ and just paying for Switch online when Monster Hunter (the only game I play online because it's not just more competitive schlock) came out. But now World is coming out in 2018 and I need to pay for another year subscription, plus another year after that if it's expansion comes out around the end of 2018 or into 2019.

    At least they're back to giving away AAA games like Life is Strange, Until Dawn, and Just Cause 3 again. However, they didn't charge more or require the service for online play at all back on PS3 when they were giving away current AAA releases like Bioshock: Infinite so...

  • Frustrating to see a price hike on an already shaky service. It took me nearly 6 hours to patch up FF15 the other day :(

  • @WarpDogsVG said in EU PS+ price increased:

    Frustrating to see a price hike on an already shaky service. It took me nearly 6 hours to patch up FF15 the other day :(


    I get patches for brand new games in less time than it takes to smoke a cig, Nioh's DLC+Patch this week was 5 minutes.

    You're not in germany by any chance are you?

  • Hmm, I don't have issues downloading on PSN. And most of my games are digital.

    Most of my download issues are Destiny related. And that's on Bungie for not having spare servers to handle the additional traffic caused by updates. Also, the Euro is not as strong as it was years ago.