Weird video about Easy Allies

  • I've made a weird video about Easy Allies in anticipation of their 500 days anniversary & 50-hour Easy Livin' stream. Watch it here if you like:

  • Great editing, though I hope this video doesn't hit the mainstream. They do their best to look professional and be taken seriously. Distilling them down to just the in-jokes brings all that hard work to a grinding halt.

  • I think it's pretty great, and represents them pretty well ☺

  • @Oscillator Don't worry, it will not be popular. I will be surprised if it'll get more than 1000 views.

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    I thought it was a funny quirky video that fits well with the group! Fun tribute to the group.. if you want to call it that :D

  • What a jolly video. The vibes remind me of EZA's Tuesday group streams, and it will be that crazy this weekend for Easy Livin'! I love it when the community makes great fan videos like these! :) Anyways, I felt that the video went too fast for me, so I suggest that the video be played at the speed of 0.75

  • Nice one, Alexander! I think this is the third one you've made, right? (Please show me the other ones if there's more.) Good editing and great picks from moments I had already forgotten about but that now hit again immediately.

    I still think your "I'm So Excited" montage video is my favourite, I've watched it a lot of times. That thing manages to practically make me feel euphoric about the EZA, great stuff. Please continue doing these. :)

  • Hey, that was pretty nice stuff. Thanks for sharing .

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thanks! It's really hard to find appropriate song and it seems impossible to find something better than the first one. But I'm ready to fail, so I'll definitely do more.

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