Easy Livin'

  • @A7X458 I doubt it but I imagine the playlist of Easy Livin has everything, just broken up into each game.

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    @A7X458 The in-between stuff won't go to YouTube, but if you want to see the raw chunks, they're in the Easy Livin' collection on Twitch.

  • What are the best streams from this event? Already checked out Tekken 7, and Settle It.

    Any recommendations? I rarely watch streams but I like how the Allies give off good vibes when they're altogether.

  • @GoTaco I haven't finished them all yet (just got to Yakuza 0) but the ones I've enjoyed the most have been Super Mario Sunshine, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, Bloodborne, and Metal Slug 3. The only one I wasn't feeling at all was Banjo-Tooie, probably because it seemed like none of them were enjoying the game (with good reason) and it took up a larger time spot than some much better games.

  • Yeah you can't go wrong with some Jolly Cooperation Bloodborne, and surprise Splatoon was fun to watch. Also liked the Jackbox and Megaman ones.

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    yeah after going back through the streams I would say Metal Slug 3 and Super Mario Sunshine are my favourite streams!

    That said though, I really enjoyed the Resident evil stream, maybe just because it was at a perfect time and it was quite chill with Huber and Jones

  • Thanks fellas.

    I just watched Yakuza 0 and it was really cool to watch the non-fans like Ian really get into it. Yakuza recently sucked me in too.

  • @GoTaco Yeah, it's super great to see people falling in love with Yakuza 😊

  • Welp, I did it. I finished all 50 hours a little after two weeks later. To add to the list of things I enjoyed the most, slap that Tekken tournament in there as well, even if the winner was predictable from the start.

    So while I loved it and hope it becomes an annual event, I feel there's a few areas that could be improved for next time. 30 games in 50 hours resulted in most of those games having under an hour to breathe, which depending on the game, is nowhere near enough. It also led to situations where if 30 more minutes would have been allotted to something (like Sonic 2), it could have become a full playthrough instead of just stopping abruptly. Less games would help the flow and there could still be a wide genre of games covered. Speaking of flow, setting up blocks of time for a certain system would allow more time squeezed in and be much easier than constantly plugging in new systems and new controllers, which seemed to be the case in between most of the games. Finally, I think the most successful or enjoyable streams were either the full playthroughs (Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil 2), any sort of co-op (Metal Slug 3, Sengoku, Bloodborne), or the tournament style of Tekken 7. At least for me, the single player games that only got one to two hours and one to two allies playing it had the least impact. Having goals associated with games raises the stakes - whether that be to complete a game or show off one that maybe the rest of the allies have never even heard of. It would also be interesting to have a certain day assigned as "Tournament Day", where the results of one tournament would create the seeds for the next and everyone is fighting to become champion of the entire day, not just one game.

    Again to reiterate, I loved nearly every second and I can't believe we got 50 hours of content just like that. Here's to next year!

  • @SabotageTheTruth I like all your ideas. I agree it was frustrating to not see full playthroughs for some of the games when they were already more than halfway through and having fun.

    It was great to see every single Ally fall in love with Yakuza and it would indeed be a good idea to have more of those, like Kyle showing off Mega Man Legends for example.