What is the "Blog" board used for?

  • Title. Still not sure what it means, haha.

  • "blog

    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

    add new material to or regularly update a blog."

  • Love the snark :P

    But for realz, what should we post in it that the General Board can't be used for? Just curious if Brent or an EZA ally can let us know.

  • Maybe for long form series-type posts? I've seen user blogs on other sites, but usually not integrated with the forums.

  • its not a usual thing for forums i dont think, but im guessing its a place for a user to set up their own thing within the EZA community

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    @ObbyDent said in What is the "Blog" board used for?:

    Love the snark :P

    But for realz, what should we post in it that the General Board can't be used for? Just curious if Brent or an EZA ally can let us know.

    Whatever you want. I'm thinking of writing one about the new Warcraft movie. It's just a spot for longer-form thoughts about specific topics.

  • I was thinking about writing a review about some games eventually like No man's sky that I'm really looking forward to (when it comes out eventually), Technomancer, Paragon...
    Also I would like to write some of my impressions on the E3 conferences and trailers.

    You could elaborate on what you find great or frustrating about EZA and/or gaming industry at large, though I don't think the topic really matters.

  • It's used on Siftd.net and Brent set this up (also works at Siftd.net) so I imagine that's where it came from. The first time I had any experience with it was over at siftd and its a neat little idea. Users basically generate posts that are a little more flushed out than what a comment on a forum would allow; like their own review or preview or whatever.

  • @UltimateBrent, what if you expanded the title of this category to include other user-created content like videos, images, concept art, game projects or anything Allies are working on. That would give people a very specific place to post without flooding the General Discussions.

    Suggest names: "User-created content", "Made by the Allies", "Fan creations"

    What do you think?

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    @marcel I don't see any reason you couldn't write a blog about any of those things. I think that would actually limit the content. A blog is just a long-form post about anything.

  • @UltimateBrent Sure :) Did I understand you correctly that you see a blog as any time of content with text, videos, pictures and other kind of "multimedia" and embeds?

    I was just suggesting it because people might sometimes feel daunted by the task of writing longer-form content but might want to share some cool art or video they made related to stuff on Easy Allies. Seeing the category "Blogs" could then imply that this isn't the place to post stuff beyond longer-form text. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it ;)

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    @marcel if you just have some fan art, I'd stick in it general. If you have a series of fan art, you can make a blog about it. That said, we're not gonna throw you in jail if your blog isn't long enough.

  • @UltimateBrent Makes sense. Thanks :)