Anyone Tried Hawken?

  • Sup Allies,

    I've had my eye on Hawken for a really long time and it's finally hitting consoles today. I was wondering if anyone has tried this game out on PC or has started to play the console versions. I'm gonna download it when I get home but was looking to see if anyone had opinions on this one. Mainly I know its free to play so what are they charging for and does that aspect of the game ruin it at all for you?

  • I've played a little bit of the PC version when it first came out on beta years ago. It was fun for a little while but I eventually hung it up and apparently it's dead now. Not dead as in the game is shutdown but nobody's really playing it. Digital Foundry did a video on performance on the Xbox 1 and apparently it plays like butt.

    Hawken Xbox 1 Performance Test

    If it's your first time, you should still try it though. You might like it.

  • @ParkPants
    Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard others talking about frame rate issues as well. Hopefully its not too bad, I cant watch the video right now. It's just kinda weird that this game had a ton of buzz like 4-5 years ago and its just lost a lot of that over the years it seems. I'm still gonna try it out, it is free after all but its a shame that out the gate the game isnt running all that well : /

  • I'm sure you've downloaded it and played it by now, but just tried it out on the PS4. The frame rate issues are real. :( Would be a great game I think if they could just get rid of the major stutters. :(

  • I played it for a bit but I wasnt a fan, felt like a generic shooter with a mech skin thrown on rather than a proper mech game

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    I played it a bit way back when it was in beta and a bit after launch, and it's really unfortunate that the hype train for it evaporated so quickly. I don't know it it was the timing, competition, or the relative lack of options for gameplay or what eventually caused the whole thing to deflate, but it's good they're branching out to consoles for some extra lovin.

    Incidentally I'm very excited for the Sony VR mech game Rigs though. I don't know if consoles will breath life back into mech shooters like Hawken or Rigs but I'm definitely excited to find out

  • I put a ton of hours into Chromehounds and Mechassault, still looking for that next Mech game, but Hawken never really did it for me. As people have said it just feels like an FPS with some mech elements, if you're into "verticality" you might find some of the maps interesting though.

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    Holeymoely I'm not sure if I'd ever find another person who had played it.

  • @Ochi What squads were you in, if you recall?

  • Thanks everyone for your responds, downloaded it over the weekend and got to play with it for a while. I have to say I am personally really enjoying it. The frame rate issues are very real and can be annoying and even effect gameplay a bit. That being said I'm just digging it. Maybe its cause I havent played a Mech game in a while, maybe its cause its free to play but whatever the reason so far ive been enjoying it.

    One thing I do like is the mobility of the mechs, I love being able to do the quick step to the left and the right and also being able to boost up as well. Don't know how long it'll be able to hold my interest but I'm digging it.