Middle Earth: Shadow of Lootboxes

  • Tolkien already rolled over in his grave at the ridiculous dialogue and story of the first game so what's a loot box or two?

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    What did you honestly expect from Warner Brothers?

    First it was shit ports.
    Now it's mobile phone garbage hiding behind a $60? $80? $100? Price tag!

  • Still buying it.

    It's a singleplayer game, everything in the boxes can be obtained in game. Worried about how it affects progression? DON'T BUY THEM! Problem solved.

    It's the same with all the "Pay for convenience" options in JRPGs, like Atelier games or Tales Of, they let you pay for faster leveling, faster crafting etc. But again, it's simple. You don't buy them.

    Long as they aren't charging for things that otherwise inhibit gameplay like Dead Space 3 did, who cares? There's no multiplayer, it affects nothing unless you let it, just like cheat codes.

    EDIT- Upon further digging there's apparently a faux-multiplayer mode like MGS5 had (Which also had microtransactions) but it's not required for completing the game and entirely optional, it appears to be purely for accruing more lootboxes.

    So again, not important.

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    What did you honestly expect from Warner Brothers? /s

  • @Haru17 said in Middle Earth: Shadow of Lootboxes:

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    What did you honestly expect from Warner Brothers? /s

    Just about everything has some version of it now, hell wasn't a main mode in recent Fifa titles based purely around card packs?

    Writing off a game for it's mere existence is gonna narrow your playable list considerably, all that matters is HOW they're represented. Purely cosmetic or convenience doesn't deter me in the slightest, people need to chill out.

    If people want to be angry, be angry at the fanbase that made lootboxes so huge, blizzard scrapped any sense of progression in favor of lootboxes in Overwatch, and look how well it did. Now everything want's a piece of that same skinner box conditioning.

    Granted there's always been a version of micro-transactions in most games for many years prior to overwatch, but it's popularity proliferated the massive surge of it in the form of these boxes.

    Again, the boxes in shadow of war grant AFAIK gear and orcs, what's the main purpose in the game? Killing/dominating orcs and earning loot.

    You lose nothing by the existence of the boxes, unless you care that heavily that someone beat the game before you cause they spent money.

  • I agree with @ZyloWolfBane, it doesn't bother me as long as I can easily ignore it.

    I recall the same sort of debate when Dead Space 3 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided came out, both series I adore and games I was extremely looking forward to. I played these games never even realizing that there were any micro-transactions, and I never felt like my gameplay experience was hampered by not paying extra.

    As long as that's the case, I have no reason to complain.

    The day the difficulty or progression is clearly impacted by the inclusion of pay-to-win elements, I'll be hard out.

    We'll see if Shadow of War is the one that breaks the camel's back.

  • My understanding from the trailers is that Shelob is speaking to Talion in his mind, and that is the form she takes in his mind. Other beings in Middleearth change appearance depending on how they are viewed, so I wouldn't call that such a far shot.

    Regarding microtransactions, meh. I'm not going to be playing this right away, so I'll wait to see how hard they gouge the customer before losing my top.

  • Personally I'm not too concerned about it. In case microtransactions become a nuance, I expect Monolith to address the issue within a couple of months, which suits me well considering I'm more likely to buy the game when it's under $30. Also, if I buy the game for cheap, I don't mind paying for a couple of microtransactions, those are a concern when you pay full price for a game but for those who pay a budget it's kinda fair considering what they paid.

  • @LordBaztion Especially if you buy the game second hand, it's somewhat nice to be able to still pay the actual devs some money. BUT only if the microtransactions are done right. That said, I would still prefer that there weren't any microtransactions. DLC, sure, again, if it's not shit like Horse Armor, but more like stuff like Shivering Isles. Also DLC should always be ADDED content, not content cut away from the game (Looking at you, Asura's Wrath)

  • My largest issue with this decision is that every single time that I encounter a gameplay loop that feels repetitive I'll immediately realize that it's probably only in here to pad out the game and motivate lootchests. Even if the game was the same before they added the gambling-transactions their existence changes the game and the way I experience it.

    With the insane avalanche of top tier games this year, this whole situation moved Shadow of War very far down that list of games to play.