Need some job advice

  • Like the title states, I need some job advice. How do you network? I'm really shy and almost a recluse at times. Been applying for jobs for about 4 months but nothing and loans are coming due soon. My father told me I'm too old at 30 and it is who you know.
    Lend me your wisdom, Allies.

  • I'd say it depends a lot on what kind of job you're looking for, what experience you already have, whether you're willing to move or not, etc. Don't know if you're willing to share some of that info?

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    I very recently lost my job and I am getting closer to 30 as well. You are never "too old" to apply for jobs and so on haha! Thats just crap talk.

    It is a little different between different industries on how you get along to get a job. A friend of mine that are a lorry driver just called up and asked like "do you have any open spots?" and basically got hired after that. Me as a graphic designer are just throwing out my portfolio and CV everywhere, asking around people I know and have previously worked with to keep their eyes and ears open. Another option could be (just to get things rolling) to look at consultant type of job, go to one of those agency's and see what they can offer.

    Also what people keep telling me: if you don't hear back from any applications after a couple of months, it might be worth to go through your CV etc again to see if you can make it look more flashy and "stick out" form the crowd.

    Best of luck to you and lets hope you find something soon! unemployment really sucks! Love and respect <3

  • Hey, I think more information would be useful like what kind of work experience and education you have. what do you mean by reclusive at times? Maybe there's other things going? Some of those things might be to personal but could be useful in sharing advice. Up to you if you want to share, if your comfortable :)

    As for generally IIke above it really depends on what industry your working in. If it's as simple as you needing to get out more and beat shyness you could always try toast masters. Not sure if they have it where you are but it's a group of ppl that get together to practice public speaking. A lot of professionals use it to overcome shyness or become a better public speaker. Easier said then done though, right? Besides that if your not getting call backs, check your resume. Do some research on how to create a strong resume, or even pay someone to make you one.

    Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.

  • It all comes down to what kind of job are you looking for? Also, setting up a LinkedIn profile, and keeping it up to date wouldn't hurt, as far as I'm concerned.

    That said, besides just looking for job openings, send job applications to places that don't currently have open positions. Because they might just be looking to hire someone soon, or if your resume is impressive for them, they might contact you and who knows where that leads to.

    Also, make when sending in job applications and resumes, make those company specific. It takes more time, but it shows that you actually didn't send that same generic job application to everyplace, but instead, you care about that company etc.

    When making CV, there are few guidelines here and there, but few major things are:

    1. CV should be at max 2 pages long. Any longer than that, and people won't read all, becasue they don't have time to read novellas. Condense as much information as possible. Also, it doesn't need to include absolutely everything, just the stuff that you think would matter in the place you're sending CV to.
    2. Spice your CV up with some color. Have colored divider lines between sections. Maybe instead of black, use some darker color text. Including picture of yourself also colors it up nicely.
    3. Have a short introduction text about yourself as a first paragraph, right after your contact information (and picture which are the first thing in CV). This introductory text should be about 2 sentences long, and should answer two questions: Who are you, and why you're looking to work at x(the company you're sending the CV to), or at least the first of the two questions.

    I hope everything turns out well for you. Good luck, and L&R.

  • I have never gotten a job because of "who I knew" it has always taken effort in browsing openings, polishing resumes and cover letters and then doing interviews.

    If you don't have a lot of work experience by now at 30, I'd suggest not holding out for a "dream job" and take an entry level admin job. It's always easier to look for a better job when you have cash coming in.