Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (PC/PS4)

  • I'm gonna buy it anyway eventually, but are we gonna see an EZA review for this?

  • @Jacques I think Huber is reviewing it, saw him mention it on twitter, it's a bit late because of Easy Livin but we can probably expect it this week.

  • @Axel It arrived! :D
    Youtube Video

  • @Jacques Oh wow that was timely, haha!

  • Huber's review is spot on to me. I am a little surprised by the repetitive puzzle talk. I feel like the vast majority are short enough that I never found them boring and the game needs that change of pace at times. On top of that, I thought they really helped to reinforce Senua's state of mind, getting the player to feel that and question what is actually happening.

    I really like this video on Hellblade and Ninja Theory. There are spoilers but it's all timestamped and you're warned.

    Youtube Video

  • Banned

    So I started playing the game yesterday as an early birthday present to myself.
    I find the game strangely powerful in it's representation of mental health. Hearing the constant voices and seeing strange but very subtle visual cues and artifacts really gave me a sense of unease and anxiousness that usually only games like Souls achieve, but for very different reasons.
    Will be diving deeper into it today, but already very impressed.