What games/series does Don like?

  • So I notice most of the time when Don gets a present it's either gambling or pinball related and I assume it's because we don't know much about his personal tastes beyond those 2 things, making it hard to shop for him. (Bloodworth is tricky too, a lot of people just get him Witcher stuff)

    Just about all the other allies are pretty easy to shop for as we all know what they like.
    Don seems to have very unique and peculiar tastes as far as games go. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what he likes so we can get a better idea of what kind of gifts he would enjoy?

  • One can probably assume he liked Beat Cop, Mario Maker, and the like which have figured prominently in his shows.

    I'd wager that Don likes other detective games, stuff like L.A. Noir seems in his wheelhouse. I think Don would like the Yakuza games, but not sure if he's ever played any of them.

    I think "what Don would like " is much easier to pin down than "what Bosman would like".

  • Also, Blood likes racing games. F-Zero, Forza, etc.

  • Don nominated Assassin's Creed IV and Sim City 4 for Hall of the Greats, so basically, he likes any game with a four in it. :D To add to the list, I know he loves the Trials games, and would spend an insane amount of time building custom stages. Basically, if it's got a track/level editor, it seems like he's in. Plus, those hardcore simulation aspects seem to dig their hooks in, I've never seen someone talk about charts with so much passion.

    To add to the Blood list, there's some other RPGs as well. I will play Legacy of the Ancients (one day) solely on his love for it, and I know the Earthbound/Mother series is a recent love.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Yea I've noticed he loves simulation/ building type games from the Hall of Greats (He made Sim City 4 look so deep and interesting) and Don's Design Lab from back in GT. Unfortunately these type of games have little to no merchandise/ collectibles. It really is quite challenging to get presents for him.

  • We're just gonna have to start sending pirate gear.

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    Maybe its just me, but it feels like he is quite into retro games? or am I wrong?

  • @Lotias I think it's quite apparent that he prefers retro/arcade games to modern ones. He stated on The Hall of Greats 1 that Assassins Creed 4 was the first game from this century he would recommend, I'm sure it was a joke/ exaggeration, but yea it speaks to his tastes in games. But I feel like we don't know too many specific game titles or franchises that he enjoys, retro and arcade games is very broad.

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    would be my best guess, Don really loves arcades. I think he loves arcades themselves maybe more than any game