Switch Owners! Monster Hunter XX Demo Available on Japanese eShop

  • I pretty much wrote off XX as a Japan-only release, and not too relevant to me due to MH: World's impending release. However, someone pointed out to me that there is a Switch version on the Japanese eShop. And the Switch isn't region-locked. And I can play some HD MH as soon as I'm off work tomorrow. If there's multiplayer like in the other demos, I would love to hunt with anyone who's willing. Let me know!

  • Oh, it's up now? Great!

    Just FYI there is no online multiplayer in this demo. The Japanese demos have always been local multiplayer only, with online getting added in when they come west.

    Edit: I stole some Reddit user's screengrab to explain this: Monster Hunter XX is within the third tab down on the Japanese eShop (you have to create an account based in Japan and link it to a new profile). Once there, click on the orange text directly below the release date with an orange stroke around it. That downloads the demo but does not purchase the game (you don't even have to link an address or card). Also, remember to remove your sd card if you want it on the system's internal memory — it's only 1.7 gbs!

  • Give me localization or give me death.

  • meh. never really cared for Monster Hunter.

  • @Yoshi said in Switch Owners! Monster Hunter XX Demo Available on Japanese eShop:

    meh. never really cared for Monster Hunter.

    Same here. Although I get the appeal more than with some JRPGs :D

  • Yeah that's not for me.

  • Mmmmn. Testimonials.

    In any case, XX isn't the MH game to get you in if you aren't already drinking the pale extract. The games have become better at tutorials and explaining the mechanics with each successive entry on Nintendo platforms, but World is set to do it best with a voiced tutorial that explains the mechanics of hunting as they happen and what looks like just a better UI.