Whats the name of the game again....?

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    I thought we could use a thread for finding games that you cant remember the title of.
    Say you remember some old SNES game you used to play as a kid, now you feel all nostalgic and what to find it again to see if its worth replaying. However, it doesnt matter how much you try, you just cant seem to remember the title of it!
    Then this is the place to ask.

    Give us as much information as you remember about story, characters, look etc and hopefully someone else might be able to track it down.

    Like: I remember this demo I used to play on Playstation 1 all the time as a kid. I dont remember much about it. However it was a on board of this big spaceship where you could run around on and interact with some of the staff working on the ship. Eventually the ship got attacked and you had to get to your small figher and head out to the black and fight off the eneimes. The graphic were quite "blocky" if I remember correctly but I thought it was awesome at the time. It had nice music and it made me feel like a true space pilot.

    Maybe in the future we can also extend the thread to Anime as well.

  • Sounds kind of like Wing Commander III?

  • The only thing I can think of is Colony Wars. I'm an avid collector of Ps1 games. Now I want to know what I want game your talking about.

  • There was an old PC game (mid 90s) that I remember we played a lot, it was like a top down shooter in which you explored a bunch of different worlds, I remember one that was candy themed and I believe there was another one with dinosaurs or something like that, that is what I can roughly remember from the game, and my searches in past have been unsuccessful.

    I have no idea about whether game was good or not, but if anyone has any idea what it is that I'm talking about I'd very much appreciate any info.

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    @FutureCorpse Yes it was Colony wars! :D Thank you a lot for that! :)

  • @bard91 Power Pete?

    Youtube Video

  • @TokyoSlim said in Whats the name of the game again....?:

    Power Pete


  • @bard91 it was the candy + dinosaurs that really narrowed it down

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    Glad to see this thread being to some help! :D Keep it up!

  • Here's one. I must have been between 3 and 5 and I was playing it at a blockbuster. It was for the Genesis, but it may have been early Saturn---I remember the controller.

    It was a game where you hopped around on a semi-3D path. It had a perspective and depth to it. It looked sort of like Q-Bert, the character was either a deep blue or red and progressed in little, uniform hops. It was a fairly linear platformer if I recall correctly. The level I played was volcano or fire themed, and I think I remember being little flutes of fire that would poke out of rock that needed to be avoided.

    No interest in playing the game, but I would like to see the stretch that I remember playing just to see how well my little mind retained it.