Hall of Greats Compendium

  • @hazz3r Thanks! I remember writing down June, looks like it got messed up while doing some other changes.

  • While the two I was rooting for in the seventh cycle didn't even come close, two of the four I predicted did.

    While I don't like Final Fantasy VI, it's about time the series is represented.

    Also, the presentations are getting better and better with each Hall of Greats!

    FF VI's video, Don's misdirection, Kyle's powerpoint... good stuff

  • It didn't have too much impact this time, but I'm on board Huber and Ben's purity boat when it comes to alliances. Great picks in any case this time around, I'm happy for both the games and their presenters. And Don's reveal was of course magical. :)

  • @sentinel-beach Alliances kinda backfired for them this time XD. I don't think we will see more of them on the next HG.., although I predict there is a missing loose end to the new Don Deal of the Bosman Concordant, Don will give Kyle his 3 point vote next time he brings MM Legends.

  • This might be my favorite HoG induction so far! Really tough picks, and fantastic presentations from all fronts, particularly Huber's passionate speech, Don's red herring, and of course Kyle's on point college lecture. Also, i'm hoping that the anti-chip thing Ian was talking about wouldn't go through, i just don't like the idea of giving negative points to a game... I love the alliances, but i would rather ban those than letting the anti-chips happen.

  • Alliances are hilarious, but I do think they're not in the spirit of what Hall of Greats is supposed to be about. The game should be good enough to get in without them. But they can do whatever works for them.
    The correct 2 got in this time round. Easy choices imo. If those two hadn't been there though, I would have said Halo and Bloodborne.

  • Greatest HoG in a while. Good games all around and 10/10 presentations from some of them.

  • I find the process way more entertaining than the result. I could care less about what actually gets in. It's just fun to see them make impassioned speeches about the games they love. The anti-chip thing sounds really fun in my opinion, adds a new layer onto things but will barely require any overhead to make it work.

  • I think the anti-chips are just gonna encourage ol' Bossy to make even more alliances to counteract all the minuses he'll end up taking. I'm for it.

    Honestly, I don't care about the list itself. It's nice to have a compendium, but it's the destination. I'm here for the journey. If we didn't have impassioned speeches or well produced videos or the Confessional the fun of this woulda all died out like a year ago and it'd just be the "EZA compiles the same 'best games of all time
    list every other website has for two hours" show.

  • I also don't like the slippery slope of alliances multiplying and tricks like anti-chips, I'm afraid we'd end up having games inducted that really don't deserve to be there.

    I agree with the others that games should earn their spot on their quality and strength of the presentation alone, as they're supposed to represent the collective tastes of the Allies. If Mega Man Legends makes it one day purely off the back of multiple shenanigans despite nobody but Kyle liking the game, it'll suck in my opinion.

    That being said, this latest installment was awesome and gave us a lot of fascinating and fun presentations, I honestly would have been stumped if I had to vote myself, so many Greats in that list (or soon-to-be)!

  • On the topic of alliances and "Anti-chips":

    My opinion ONLY in regards to alliances in the context and confines of the Hall of Greats: If you have to have an alliance, you do not have faith in either yourself as a presenter, or the "Greatness" of the game you're bringing. That's what it feels like to me. Personally, a game should get in on a combination of its merit and the presentation provided, ABSOLUTELY NOT by a predetermined agreement prior to the ceremonies, especially in light of the fact neither Ally has any knowledge of what the other is bringing.

    As for "Anti-chips," any concept to sabotage or "drag down" a game when the purpose and point of the Hall of Greats is to hold them up to be lauded (cross-examination being the one time to critique of course) feels completely wrong, and flies in the face of what the Hall of Greats means, both in name and in function.

    The process, for me, has been entertaining each and every time, but as Mr. Damiani pointed out: The alliances were kind of pointless this go round. My point: With or without, alliances do not diminish the quality of entertainment the Allies give us in this unique (and personally speaking one of the overall best types of content) stream.

  • I think the only way to get the game that got third in is a multi allie secret alliance.

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    I enjoyed the HoG (as always), even though I had to watch it on youtube. I dont really see why they would need alliances or pacts. I think it should just be the emtions that controls and take the presentations in mind.

    The final result was still very interesting and made for a good show, but I think that for the future, they should just vote from their own minds.

  • @lotias Agreed. I guess its really just for fun but I don't know how we're supposed to give any value to the games included if voting is skewed by alliances.

    They're not respecting the sanctity of a greatest games list. The system is corrupt!

  • I'm still salty because Silent Hill 2 should have made it in this round. I was really expecting Ian's video to start off normal, hear a klaxon, and then have a bunch of strange effects over some more points as to why it is absolutely the best horror game ever made... Instead it got hit hard for being one of the weaker presentations, which is totally fair.

  • Yeah, down with alliances. The games should be getting through on their own merits and the strength of the presentations, not by shenanigans.

  • Alliances really should go away, it diminishes the whole point of everyone presenting arguments if in the end that's not gonna matter and people will just end up casting a preplanned vote. I've seen a lot of complaints about it in both the youtube vide so hopefully Bosman stops being stubborn and gets rid of them.

  • Welp, this coming Tuesday is another HOG stream and it's the final group stream in the garage. Damn, so many memories over the past 3 years but this will be a good change, plus HOG feels like a proper send-off stream.

  • I am... conflicted.

    I am happy they are moving up in the world.

    But I am gonna miss that garage... and Sophie.

    Looking forward to the HOGs though, as always. I wonder what Don is gonna pitch this time?

  • This one was marred a little for me, because I got hit with buffering RIGHT when voting was getting underway. I missed Huber's three vote, and all of Kyle's and Bloodworth's choices. That said, I was pulling for three games and two of them wound up being on the poll (the third was quickly dismissed, so I'm a touch salty about that). The outright winner was GOING to be the outright winner the instant it's name was said. And between what's up for the vote, there's one clear choice, despite the fact I really like the other.