Hall of Greats Compendium

  • Hey everyone! So I have decided to embrace some fun free time of mine and make an Excel sheet for the Hall of Greats because truly, why not. So here you go every one if you care deeply! If you have anything you see needs to be changed, or added just let me know!


  • @brunojoey This is very cool. Thanks for creating and sharing!

  • @Brannox Thanks a lot! Looking for jobs can have a bright side. I tend to get in a mood to watch a few before the next one. Even if the next one might be at the end of November...

  • @brunojoey Relateable.

  • A good bounce-back from the last HoG. I can rest easy for finally seeing my favorite game get in. That said, after the first three presentations, my jaw was kind of slack. Still, happy they reverted back to confessional cam and chip voting.

  • Holy shit I missed Hall of Greats today!? I never even knew it was this week!

  • Happy with the games that ended up winning.

    But for the second time in a row Ian showed disinterest in the whole thing by not even preparing anything. I feel it's disrespectful to the others and I applaud them for being good sports about it, I'd personally feel pissed if I spent time making a video / powerpoint and someone didn't even try to make a quick list of talking points. Does he feel burned because he actually put a lot of effort in his presentations in the past (like Myst) and didn't win, so now he thinks "why bother?"

    I know Jones mentioned on Cup of Jones before that some of the Allies feel stressed by HoG because of the amount of work it requires (and I totally realize this), but if the solution is going to be to put less and less effort in it, then they should have a serious conversation about the future of this thing.

    Kudos to the ones who tried, there were some very cool picks in there, and my interest for AvP is definitely piqued!

  • @Kristen-Rogers

    Q4 2019; Nov 19

    Counter Strike (Ben) 15
    Final Fantasy VII (Brad) 13
    Alien vs Predator (Don) 12
    Animal Crossing (Bloodworth) 3
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Ian) 2
    Marvel's Spiderman (Huber) 2
    Plants vs Zombies (Jones) 1
    Dungeons and Dragons (Bosman) (BAN until Q4 2020) 0

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    Updated, Thank you! @Shaunak-Deshpande

  • I really enjoyed the latest induction session, happy with the winners and with the presentations. Bloodworth's might win it for me though, as someone who's never played the Animal Crossing games, his story got me feeling nostalgic for a memory I never had. It's really wholesome, which is what the Animal Crossing games seems to be all about.

  • Another great addition to Hall of Greats, finally got in FF7 and CS is well deserved. Personally was really pulling for AvP, as a huge beat'em up fan there's really no denying it's greatness and place in the hall of greats. Don also just killed it with his presentation, not only was the video great, the whole lead up bout how hes always running short on time but not this time, What, wait, we're starting already, roll the video, Roll the VIDEO! Great stuff

  • I didn't finish the watching yet but I have 2 things to say:

    I really would like them to put Ian in just technical part of the EZA and leave him there.
    HoG is about video games. Even though Kyle's presentation was good I simply don't care it's possibility to be in HoG and I'm glad that it's banned. It is not a video game. I don't like when someone acts clueless about obvious things.

  • @scotty Can't wait til somebody brings Beowulf to HOG.

    For Ian's presentation, it seemed like he had notes, I think he just wanted to try something different - as he usually does. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't and it's almost always polarizing but I personally appreciate that no two of his presentations have been the same.

  • It was super exciting to first hear Kyle say he didn't want AVP banned so he gave it chips and then every person after followed suit - every one of them unaware of the all the previous votes it had. I was cheering for it but, in the end, I think the two most deserving games got in. I expected Animal Crossing to have a much better showing but I guess it's just Jones who loves it?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Creativity is not a problem but I don't feel that his intentions are good. It is not sincere. So to me, it is annoying.

  • I really enjoyed this stream and the presentations down the stretch really closed strong. The final three standing would've been the ones I would've voted for, but I would've switched the winner with what came in third, but the game placing second was my top pick.

    The voting structure did a better job concealing the point totals, but listening to the amount of times a game was said had it be a predictable countdown at the very start, and at the very end.

    After a couple of HoGs that had hiccups, we're back on a stretch of solid streams.

    I wonder if the next HoG will take over for E3 (which them finding out about in real time also was a solid moment).

  • The latest HoG is definitely the most tame/friendly, as in there's no weird bitter stuff that's going on, and because of that it's probably my favorite HoG in recent times. I know it's fun seeing the allies argue too passionately, but this just feels so refreshing.

    I particularly enjoy Ian's presentation, I wish to see more of his creative side being nurtured into something like that. Brandon's presentation is also wonderful, it basically a solid showcase of one of Jones' best talents. I also love seeing Kyle playing the game and showing how special it is, really makes me want to play it.

    About the results:

    WoW getting in makes me so happy. I have no experience with the game at all, but as someone who values the impact and history of a game the most in the context of Hall of Greats, it's a real pleasure seeing that got 1st place. Who cares if it's bad now? It was an absolute beast at it's time. 100% agree with Jones' "The Who" analogy.

  • I didn't know if any would update same day or next from a stream, so I've decided (if I remember), that I'll post the most recent stream point count the day after if no one else will (I don't know how/where to procure an up-to-date graphic and logo list to update that though). As such, here's the breakdown from last night:

    (Note: Mr. Casanova was ill and could not participate)

    Q1 2020; March 10

    World of Warcraft (Jones) 14
    DOOM (Ben) 11

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Huber) 6
    MegaMan Legends (Bosman) 5
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Brad) 4
    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Damiani) 3
    Guitar Hero II (Bloodworth) 2

  • Thanks to Jones for bringing back all those Hillsbrad Foothills memories I tried to forget.

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    Main post updated. Thanks @Brannox Chris Leroux does the graphics in the post, he's credited below the image, but besides asking him about it I don't have easy access to the updated ones since they aren't uploaded anywhere for me to just grab.