Hall of Greats Compendium

  • I didn't finish the watching yet but I have 2 things to say:

    I really would like them to put Ian in just technical part of the EZA and leave him there.
    HoG is about video games. Even though Kyle's presentation was good I simply don't care it's possibility to be in HoG and I'm glad that it's banned. It is not a video game. I don't like when someone acts clueless about obvious things.

  • @scotty Can't wait til somebody brings Beowulf to HOG.

    For Ian's presentation, it seemed like he had notes, I think he just wanted to try something different - as he usually does. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't and it's almost always polarizing but I personally appreciate that no two of his presentations have been the same.

  • It was super exciting to first hear Kyle say he didn't want AVP banned so he gave it chips and then every person after followed suit - every one of them unaware of the all the previous votes it had. I was cheering for it but, in the end, I think the two most deserving games got in. I expected Animal Crossing to have a much better showing but I guess it's just Jones who loves it?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Creativity is not a problem but I don't feel that his intentions are good. It is not sincere. So to me, it is annoying.

  • I really enjoyed this stream and the presentations down the stretch really closed strong. The final three standing would've been the ones I would've voted for, but I would've switched the winner with what came in third, but the game placing second was my top pick.

    The voting structure did a better job concealing the point totals, but listening to the amount of times a game was said had it be a predictable countdown at the very start, and at the very end.

    After a couple of HoGs that had hiccups, we're back on a stretch of solid streams.

    I wonder if the next HoG will take over for E3 (which them finding out about in real time also was a solid moment).

  • The latest HoG is definitely the most tame/friendly, as in there's no weird bitter stuff that's going on, and because of that it's probably my favorite HoG in recent times. I know it's fun seeing the allies argue too passionately, but this just feels so refreshing.

    I particularly enjoy Ian's presentation, I wish to see more of his creative side being nurtured into something like that. Brandon's presentation is also wonderful, it basically a solid showcase of one of Jones' best talents. I also love seeing Kyle playing the game and showing how special it is, really makes me want to play it.

    About the results:

    WoW getting in makes me so happy. I have no experience with the game at all, but as someone who values the impact and history of a game the most in the context of Hall of Greats, it's a real pleasure seeing that got 1st place. Who cares if it's bad now? It was an absolute beast at it's time. 100% agree with Jones' "The Who" analogy.

  • I didn't know if any would update same day or next from a stream, so I've decided (if I remember), that I'll post the most recent stream point count the day after if no one else will (I don't know how/where to procure an up-to-date graphic and logo list to update that though). As such, here's the breakdown from last night:

    (Note: Mr. Casanova was ill and could not participate)

    Q1 2020; March 10

    World of Warcraft (Jones) 14
    DOOM (Ben) 11

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Huber) 6
    MegaMan Legends (Bosman) 5
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Brad) 4
    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Damiani) 3
    Guitar Hero II (Bloodworth) 2

  • Thanks to Jones for bringing back all those Hillsbrad Foothills memories I tried to forget.

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    Main post updated. Thanks @Brannox Chris Leroux does the graphics in the post, he's credited below the image, but besides asking him about it I don't have easy access to the updated ones since they aren't uploaded anywhere for me to just grab.

  • @kristen-rogers Thank you! I know Mr. Leroux does the graphics but I feel contacting him out of the blue to ask for a most up-to-date graphic, especially since 1.) I don't have access to update someone else's post and 2.) Outside of text, I'm not fully versed in how to do pictures in a forum post. I know links pretty well, but I'm not confident in being able to adjust pictures solely.

    Either way it's fine, because I'm more of a nerd about the stats and such. =-)