Hall of Greats Compendium

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    Creativity is not a problem but I don't feel that his intentions are good. It is not sincere. So to me, it is annoying.

  • I really enjoyed this stream and the presentations down the stretch really closed strong. The final three standing would've been the ones I would've voted for, but I would've switched the winner with what came in third, but the game placing second was my top pick.

    The voting structure did a better job concealing the point totals, but listening to the amount of times a game was said had it be a predictable countdown at the very start, and at the very end.

    After a couple of HoGs that had hiccups, we're back on a stretch of solid streams.

    I wonder if the next HoG will take over for E3 (which them finding out about in real time also was a solid moment).

  • The latest HoG is definitely the most tame/friendly, as in there's no weird bitter stuff that's going on, and because of that it's probably my favorite HoG in recent times. I know it's fun seeing the allies argue too passionately, but this just feels so refreshing.

    I particularly enjoy Ian's presentation, I wish to see more of his creative side being nurtured into something like that. Brandon's presentation is also wonderful, it basically a solid showcase of one of Jones' best talents. I also love seeing Kyle playing the game and showing how special it is, really makes me want to play it.

    About the results:

    WoW getting in makes me so happy. I have no experience with the game at all, but as someone who values the impact and history of a game the most in the context of Hall of Greats, it's a real pleasure seeing that got 1st place. Who cares if it's bad now? It was an absolute beast at it's time. 100% agree with Jones' "The Who" analogy.

  • I didn't know if any would update same day or next from a stream, so I've decided (if I remember), that I'll post the most recent stream point count the day after if no one else will (I don't know how/where to procure an up-to-date graphic and logo list to update that though). As such, here's the breakdown from last night:

    (Note: Mr. Casanova was ill and could not participate)

    Q1 2020; March 10

    World of Warcraft (Jones) 14
    DOOM (Ben) 11

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Huber) 6
    MegaMan Legends (Bosman) 5
    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Brad) 4
    Silent Hill 2 (Ian) 3
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Damiani) 3
    Guitar Hero II (Bloodworth) 2

  • Thanks to Jones for bringing back all those Hillsbrad Foothills memories I tried to forget.

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    Main post updated. Thanks @Brannox Chris Leroux does the graphics in the post, he's credited below the image, but besides asking him about it I don't have easy access to the updated ones since they aren't uploaded anywhere for me to just grab.

  • @kristen-rogers Thank you! I know Mr. Leroux does the graphics but I feel contacting him out of the blue to ask for a most up-to-date graphic, especially since 1.) I don't have access to update someone else's post and 2.) Outside of text, I'm not fully versed in how to do pictures in a forum post. I know links pretty well, but I'm not confident in being able to adjust pictures solely.

    Either way it's fine, because I'm more of a nerd about the stats and such. =-)

  • EZA just confirmed that we're getting a new Hall of Greats next Tuesday! HYPE!

  • @jifw52 Man, I feel like the last HoG happened a lifetime ago. I'm betting Huber's gonna bring a pretty recent game again, maybe TLOU2 lol

  • I have been curious when it'll happen. It's been since March and was one of the last things EZA did in the studio. I was tempted to ask Jones via Cup of Jones a couple weeks ago, but someone got ahead of me.

    Regardless, I'm very excited and fascinated for how this next installment will play out. I'm predicting the presentations be very creative, and I'm... not really concerned but unsure how the cross-examination will happen with the likelihood of people getting cut off. But the voting system is what I'm most fascinated by (sans the actual games themselves).

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    It's gonna be next Tuesday.

  • I'm excited for a new Hall of Greats! It's probably my favourite Easy Allies production since they opened up shop. I'll definitely miss Bosman's presentations. He always has such a good unique spin on things, even if it's "just" a Power Point. I think his final Mega Man Legends gameplay presentation was a good sendoff and I hope Bloodworth can carry the torch.

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    Yeah, I miss Kyle too. He was my favourite ally.

  • For being the first Quarantine version, I felt July 2020's version was entertaining and pretty successful. Not without a couple of hiccups, but overall I enjoyed it. While not the first HoG where there wasn't a single game I was rooting for, it's been some time, and having a HoG where I don't have a horse in the race takes away some self-imposed pressure and makes it a different but still delightful experience.

    Surprised it took this long for both Tropical Freeze and a Yakuza game to get in.

  • Yeah, this HoG session was really good considering the limitations at hand. Now I have Don's pick on my radar, that game looks really sick. Also, shoutout to Ian's wonderful presentation.

  • My dream entries were 1/2 getting in this HoG so I can't be TOO sad, but still waiting for the one that fell a little short.

  • I'm a fan of the game Ian brought to this HOG and I felt like his presentation was spot on for that game. I still think it's a game that people have to experience for themselves. Also, Damiani did a great job making it all work considering the circumstances.

  • @shoulderguy It's the one game I want to try, and since it's supposed to get a console port and re-release on PC at some point in 2020, I'm excited for a first playthrough for it.

  • I reviewed Ian's entry for a publication called WhatCulture back in the day. It's a terrible review, but the game itself holds a special place in my heart. It's something you really need to play as blind as possible. I think Ian explained it very well when he says that the game is an open book but then still manages to subvert your expectations.

  • As I promised after the last HoG, since I don't see any updates from last night's gathering, here are the stats, if anyone is interested:

    "Q2" 2020, July 2020

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Brad) 14
    Yakuza 0 (Huber) 12

    Bayonetta (Ben) 9
    Journey (Jones) 6
    Katamari Damacy (Bloodworth) 4
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengence (Damiani) 2
    The Stanley Parable (Ian) 1
    Huntdown (Don) 0 Banned until Q2 2021