Hall of Greats Compendium

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    It's gonna be next Tuesday.

  • I'm excited for a new Hall of Greats! It's probably my favourite Easy Allies production since they opened up shop. I'll definitely miss Bosman's presentations. He always has such a good unique spin on things, even if it's "just" a Power Point. I think his final Mega Man Legends gameplay presentation was a good sendoff and I hope Bloodworth can carry the torch.

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    Yeah, I miss Kyle too. He was my favourite ally.

  • For being the first Quarantine version, I felt July 2020's version was entertaining and pretty successful. Not without a couple of hiccups, but overall I enjoyed it. While not the first HoG where there wasn't a single game I was rooting for, it's been some time, and having a HoG where I don't have a horse in the race takes away some self-imposed pressure and makes it a different but still delightful experience.

    Surprised it took this long for both Tropical Freeze and a Yakuza game to get in.

  • Yeah, this HoG session was really good considering the limitations at hand. Now I have Don's pick on my radar, that game looks really sick. Also, shoutout to Ian's wonderful presentation.

  • My dream entries were 1/2 getting in this HoG so I can't be TOO sad, but still waiting for the one that fell a little short.

  • I'm a fan of the game Ian brought to this HOG and I felt like his presentation was spot on for that game. I still think it's a game that people have to experience for themselves. Also, Damiani did a great job making it all work considering the circumstances.

  • @shoulderguy It's the one game I want to try, and since it's supposed to get a console port and re-release on PC at some point in 2020, I'm excited for a first playthrough for it.

  • I reviewed Ian's entry for a publication called WhatCulture back in the day. It's a terrible review, but the game itself holds a special place in my heart. It's something you really need to play as blind as possible. I think Ian explained it very well when he says that the game is an open book but then still manages to subvert your expectations.

  • As I promised after the last HoG, since I don't see any updates from last night's gathering, here are the stats, if anyone is interested:

    "Q2" 2020, July 2020

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Brad) 14
    Yakuza 0 (Huber) 12

    Bayonetta (Ben) 9
    Journey (Jones) 6
    Katamari Damacy (Bloodworth) 4
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengence (Damiani) 2
    The Stanley Parable (Ian) 1
    Huntdown (Don) 0 Banned until Q2 2021