Hall of Greats Compendium

  • Another great (tm) HoG, yet I was hot and cold on the roster brought tonight. The games I wanted to get in are a couple of my absolute favorite games of all time, whereas the others I have no connection towards OR are games I've become jaded about as time has gone on. And you can ALWAYS count on Don bringing a memorable experience, not just a presentation. You could double down on that, one would say...


    Seeing my third favorite game of all time get a vote from EVERY Ally AND taking the top spot felt really, REALLY good. BUT, having the other game I was pulling for JUST barely avoided being banned, well, at least it avoided it unlike Dishonored 2. But it does feel like God of War (2018) from the previous ceremony: WOEFULLY undervoted. But it will have its day. That said, much to Huber's point, it was a pretty predictable outcome, though I completely ok with the inductees as they are. But I WILL say: It's ok if the predictable games go ahead and get in. It makes the follow-up ceremonies more exciting.

    But as I said intimated in my previous post above, I called Hollow Knight being brought, but I did NOT foresee the mixup causing it not officially being nominated. So know, until the next one (which SHOULD be three months from now, but who knows) I'm expecting Hollow Knight and Final Fantasy IX to be brought for HoG 17.

  • Just watched the induction, I completely forgot about the schedule and missed the whole thing, lol. Don's presentation is maybe one of my favorite presentations in recent memory. I also like how salty Huber was during this, it's lowkey hilarious. Anyway, I'm a bit bummed that

    Mass Effect 2

    didn't get in, but it is what it is. Also, I feel like giving

    Final Fantasy X

    another shot now. I bounced off it because I hate the VO, but I think I can get in a mindset where I could enjoy it now.

  • I can now say after the Allies uploaded the induction to Youtube, thehallofgreats.com is updated to reflect last night! Forgot to promote the website last night during chat because I was watching it on my TV, but hey that's okay lol. Debating on having a Genre Page, but who knows. Lots of games in genres are being represented now, so just a thought I had.

    Which I enjoyed myself! Funny with Huber! I hope, eventually, he'll be ready to be more salty! I do understand his apprehension though, but a good answer by Brad when Huber asked that during Brad's presentation.

    Also, @Brannox think at the start they did mention the loose time frame Hall of Greats now seems to be on. 4.5-5 months. Which is a bit longer than I would want, but hopefully that is more so just a light jest!

  • @brunojoey I took as a half-joke/half-serious comment. Their track record isn't great in maintaining the schedule as they were pre-pandemic. And that alone is a great enough reason, I think it should also have some considerable weight given to the fact HoG is originally Kyle Bosman's brain child, and I felt he always kept it on schedule. These delays have been more frequent in his abscence.

  • @brannox yeah the delays have been more elongated, if I recall, after Kyle left. But vacations during the summer seems to have gotten them this time to a majority of them to make a Tuesday night .

  • I really enjoyed the latest HoG. I kinda disagree with Huber in that I was entertained by the submissions and there was a good variety of emotional pleas and objective info for discussion.

    I would've ranked them this way:

    (3pts) THPS3, (2pts) Destruction Derby 2, (1pts) Streets of Rage 4

    Honestly, I don't really even like


    all that much and I am surprised neither that game nor

    Mass Effect 2

    were challenged more in the cross examination. Both games have a lot of faults that could've been brought to light.

  • @bam541 said in Hall of Greats Compendium:

    Got bored and made a tiermaker of the Hall of Greats entries.


    Any chance we can get a 16th ceremony update to this tier maker? I'll rank them after.

  • @dipset thanks for the reminder, I just finished updating it!

  • My ranking:

    0_1629135236671_EZA HoG Tier Maker - v16.jpg

    I generally accept all of the EZA HoG selections as great games from the S to C Tiers, but D-tier I just outright disagree with.

    I'd define that C-tier as accepting these are generally considered "Greats" but I have my personal hang ups with them.

  • My Ranking! Would like to start Paper Mario and Ocarina of Time soon, but who really knows. The Backlog is too intense right now.

    0_1629227235816_my-image (3).png