Hall of Greats Compendium

  • I really loved this HoG! Don's presentation might've been one of my favorite EZA moments lol. Blood's presentation was the grand vibes that begun everything. Very happy about the winners! In regards to the Allies love for them. But all games I am more and more closer to playing.

  • I was thinking a few days ago, what games are you surprised by that haven't been nominated yet? Majora's Mask and Breath of the Wild are two I'm surprised by!

  • @bruno_saurus I think EZA likes more "out of the way" nominations. Zelda may be seen as "too obvious".

  • For EZA's tastes, I think Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are surprising to not be nominated yet, and with how many times it's been nominated and gotten close, Final Fantasy IX and God of War (2018). But I think Huber's point of "ALWAYS FINAL FANTASY AND ZELDA" is really salient in the Allies' minds.

    But beyond Nintendo and Square, I'm actually outright SHOCKED Resident Evil 2 hasn't even been nominated. Sure, there's REmake and 4, but I hear 2 is consistently the best. Outside of R.E., a Half-Life game (any of them), Bioshock, any of the Batman Arkhams, any Halo, and Mass Effect 2 (not for lack of trying for any of those).

    .......But we're all in agreement somebody gonna bring Elden Ring and it's getting in at the next ceremony right?

  • Elden Ring will likely get in one day hah @Brannox Definitely shocked about RE2. Because Huber loves it and I even feel like Ben, Brad, or Damiani can make a case for it. Also Hollow Knight lol

  • @bruno_saurus Oh yeah, I think it was two ceremonies ago where two Allies were going to bring Hollow Knight but when Damiani informed them both, they switched to different games... Yeah, Hollow Knight is getting in soon...

  • @Brannox that was a funny moment lol. Getting in one day!

  • An incredibly bittersweet HoG.

    With Ben leaving EZA, regardless of what game he brought, I was pulling for. Happy to say that hope proved true.

    A mostly retro feel, I was pulling for one of the most retro games brought tonight, but bummed it didn't get in.

    I'm all over the place at the moment because by far this wasn't in my top 5 ceremonies they've had, but Ben leaving just puts a shadow over everything, which is kind of unfair to the overall stream.

  • For me the HoG was fun enough to let me forget a bit about Ben leaving, which says something I think. Ben will sorely be missed, but at least the allies will stay jolly even with him leaving.

    Anyways I'm so happy about the games that got in.

    Huber's been channeling his beat em up love for a long time so it's good to see a win for him here. Also HK is undoubtedly a no brainer, that kind of game for 15$ is just insane.

  • Highly enjoyable time! Definitely a bittersweet time, but the fun did help in that regard!
    Definitely happy with the games that got in as they all deserve it! But a majority of the games I could've seen get in.

    Huber has now won like four times in the last nine times. After not winning at all in the first nine ones which is crazy lol

    Eventually gonna try and update this website of mine as I'm attempting some more practice things into it, so should be fun eventually!

  • Updated the HoG games tierlist I made sometime ago to include the most recent ones https://tiermaker.com/create/the-easy-allies-hall-of-greats-174261