Hall of Greats Compendium

  • @bruno_saurus Oh yeah, I think it was two ceremonies ago where two Allies were going to bring Hollow Knight but when Damiani informed them both, they switched to different games... Yeah, Hollow Knight is getting in soon...

  • @Brannox that was a funny moment lol. Getting in one day!

  • An incredibly bittersweet HoG.

    With Ben leaving EZA, regardless of what game he brought, I was pulling for. Happy to say that hope proved true.

    A mostly retro feel, I was pulling for one of the most retro games brought tonight, but bummed it didn't get in.

    I'm all over the place at the moment because by far this wasn't in my top 5 ceremonies they've had, but Ben leaving just puts a shadow over everything, which is kind of unfair to the overall stream.

  • For me the HoG was fun enough to let me forget a bit about Ben leaving, which says something I think. Ben will sorely be missed, but at least the allies will stay jolly even with him leaving.

    Anyways I'm so happy about the games that got in.

    Huber's been channeling his beat em up love for a long time so it's good to see a win for him here. Also HK is undoubtedly a no brainer, that kind of game for 15$ is just insane.

  • Highly enjoyable time! Definitely a bittersweet time, but the fun did help in that regard!
    Definitely happy with the games that got in as they all deserve it! But a majority of the games I could've seen get in.

    Huber has now won like four times in the last nine times. After not winning at all in the first nine ones which is crazy lol

    Eventually gonna try and update this website of mine as I'm attempting some more practice things into it, so should be fun eventually!

  • Updated the HoG games tierlist I made sometime ago to include the most recent ones https://tiermaker.com/create/the-easy-allies-hall-of-greats-174261

  • I feel like Hollow Knight is a great game, but I think we're going to look foolish when the sequel improves every single aspect of the original. Not to say the original can't be considered a celebrated classic as well as the sequel, but I just have this suspicion that Silksong is going to almost replace Hollow Knight when people discuss the series and which one to recommend.

    It's just a hunch but I really feel like Hollow Knight Silksong is going to be like Uncharted 2 when compared to Uncharted 1.

  • @dipset if that's the case then they'll just get it in the HoG right away lol. It does make me think about how we'll see the HoG games in a different light one day in the future.

  • This was a HoG that I really felt the departures of Allies. The list on the whole is not one I'm personally all that enthused by, but I DID get a massive kick out of one of the nominees being a nominee for our own HoG here (at time of writing, voting is about to commence in our thread). I was also annoyed for record keeping purposes a third of the Allies didn't say the games they voted for, but it is what it is.

    But a three-way tie for second? HILARIOUS! And it feels good to see Don FINALLY. FYE-NUH-LEE! get one in, even though the one game of the whole list I wanted in didn't make it.

    ALL of this said, I felt this was one of the most expedient ceremonies (Again, another instance of feeling the absence of Allies gone to better pursuits).

  • @brannox said in Hall of Greats Compendium:

    This was a HoG that I really felt the departures of Allies.

    Agreed. Kyle, Brandon, and Ben felt like the weights of the crew, like their thoughts had a greater impact (Ben particularly for HoG; he always got serious in the cross examinations). This was still an all right HoG, but it felt super casual, close to the point of feeling superfluous.

    For the first time, I think ours may end up feeling like the more legit version.