Hall of Greats Compendium

  • @jdincinerator From this thread, one year ago:

    "So, tonight being the first (and hopefully sparsely) Hall of Shame... I don't know, I just don't vibe with the concept of taking two hours to trash on games (deserved or otherwise). Plus cross-examining for shame is weird. Cross-examining to critique excellent games is a strengthening process for both game and presenter, but this felt off. As someone who adores and looks greatly forward to every Hall of Greats, this was a miss for me with a particular pang because it adds MORE months of waiting... But, more importantly than anything, it seems the Allies had fun and enjoyed themselves, and that's what really matters."

  • @brannox I see, I suppose the Hall of Shame goes against the Allies' ethos. There are enough critics out there trashing on the industry's less-savory behaviours, the Allies don't really need to add to that.

  • I love last year's hall of shame because it didn't feel like the allies were just shitting on stuff for no reason (mostly), like they actually had deep grievances with the games they brought and it's very entertaining to see them air it all out in their own ways. It didn't feel salty in an annoying or clickbaity way, it's just them channeling their hate to something fun. I'm very excited for the next one, hoping the full crew shows up!

  • Caught up to the 2nd Hall of Shame. Another fun one!

    Maybe it's on me for not noticing for so long, but man, I love it when Brad gets so passionate. One of the silver lining of EZA shrinking in size is that guys like Brad and Don has pretty much amplified their presence to help compensate, and I think Brad is so much better and entertainingly expressing his thoughts. Great pick from him, very fun presentation to watch.

    Speaking of Don, I truly thought that he's finally managed to calm his usual antics down a bit, but that cross exam part went off the rails lol. Also shoutout to Huber's "slapdash" presentation, both Damiani and Blood

    bringing GT reviews,

    and Isla being so based with her pick.

  • It's good to see the Hall of Shame return but I wish Gabby was featured by providing her own pick. I love Blood and Damiani's presentations for one juicy reason I won't spoil. Don dropped a bombshell, Brad brought an interesting pick and Isla's was a bit controversial.

  • I just saw like 1 minute of each presentation. How in hell is SimCity there?

  • @phbz Simcity had a hugely outrageous launch and the cities weren't big enough to satisfy.

  • @jdincinerator Ah wait, he's not talking about the original game, right?

  • @phbz He's talking about the 2013 Simcity that was an utter shambles.

  • @jdincinerator That makes sense. I thought that one was named SimCity something. I remember people not being happy about that game, yeah.