Hall of Greats Compendium

  • Great list, great show, great patreon. Thanks for putting this up.

  • Nothing like another Hall of Greats for me to realize how little I have in common with popular gaming tastes. :D

  • Awesome list so far, i need Uber to brute force Resident Evil 2 in though XD

  • I couldn't help but feel a great disconnect yesterday, I played Chrono Trigger for the first time a couple of years ago, and while I agree that it was very well made and it doens't really have any clear weak points, I didn't find it astounding or incredible in any way, still seeing how it is a classic and all I see how it belongs there, it just seems blown out of proportion to me.

    Pokemon on the other hand .... Yuck.

  • Chrono Trigger / 3pts 2pts 3pts 1pt 3pts 3pts 3pts 3pts = 21 pts
    Pokémon Red & Blue / 2pts 3pts 1pt 2pts = 8 pts
    Grand Theft Auto III / 2pts 2pts 2pts 1pt = 7 pts
    Mega Man X / 2pts 3pts 1pt 1pt = 7 pts
    Streets of Rage 2 / 1pt 1pt 2pts = 4 pts
    Super Mario Maker / 3pts = 3 pts
    Journey / 2pts = 2 pts
    Myst / 1p 1pt = 2 pts
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / = 0 pts

    I felt like going through the points again after watching the HoG evening, because CT's points sounded someway insane, but no, they were right, Brad was right. The game got votes from everyone except from Don. I was sure it would be Pokemon and GTA 3 that would go through until Brad arrived at the last moment with his behemoth. Poor Brandon, he felt so sure in Cup of Jones and all. Well, it's only a matter of time that he gets something in. I'm seeing RDR in the near future, for instance. :)

    edsortiz can finetune the results for his picture and opening post up there.

  • Updated!
    Thank you all

  • Great thread! :)

    There's something wrong about the points for Q1 2017 though, because they total 55 instead of 54 as they should.

  • @Axass You mean Q2 right? Yea... Ill check it out again

  • @Axass Found it, it was the votes for World of Warcraft, it was "1" instead of "2". Blame my sub-conscience of months in hours of playing that game. Thanks for finding that out!

  • Another Hall of Greats in the books! Kind of felt the "Survivor" style voting and reveals kind dragged out the end a little bit, but still a great stream! Super stoked Pokemon got in and a little bummed Super Mario Maker got banned, but I've got a personal favorite still on the ban list so it's something I'm used to.

    Also, really awesome that the hall of greats .com url brings people right to this thread!

  • @Brannox I dunno man I thought the survivor voting was the best part.

  • @Brannox I loved it. It makes it much more personal to be in on every ally's internal deliberations.

  • I also liked the new voting system in front of the camera, really nice to hear their reasons now. The way they then revealed the results for themselves could still need some tinkering, though. Just not sure how.

  • @DeweyDTruman @Minamik Personally, while I don't have a problem with each Ally giving their reasons, I felt it just took too long. Bring back the blind voting and while the games go from least to most votes, then the Allies could give their reasons. Keeps the speediness of the old format while retaining the personal opinions and reasons behind why Allies voted the way the did.

  • @Brannox The blind voting could lead to more confusion and errors. It depends on someone not closing their eyes, and count correctly the votes of each ally. I could see myself getting confused and maybe voting or not voting correctly by putting my hand up incorrectly (Which already kinda happened once).
    I also like the new system better. The whole stream ended at the same time that the others did, so i did not feel it dragged too long. Plus.. them being alone can lead to golden moments

  • @edsortiz To respond in order.

    1.) Could. With the exception of Mr. Damiani being confused by Mr. Ellis being indicisive on whether or not to give a vote to World of Warcraft, the confusion in the voting process hasn't happened. If anything, the confusion risk is actually greater with always including new rules and changing the voting process. It's slightly confusing why there has not been a standard procedure on how things work outside of the 3-2-1 format. Take the betting specials: The way betting is tabulated and group changes every. Single. Special. There is no consistency.

    2.) On people closing their eyes. That carries the implication Allies are untrustworthy in peeking, which hasn't happened once. That is a non-issue.

    3.) The counting, in every Hall of Greats, including this most recent one, has not gone awry. It hasn't affected any Allies, so any personal counting hangups isn't a barrier.

    4.) On the decisiveness of one's votes: This has been why people have requested time prior to voting: To make up their minds before voting begins, NOT in the moment.

    5.) This is all personal preference. In no way do I feel the presentations/Q&A dragged (They actually felt a tad bit quicker to be honest). But stopping to write on the bags, deciding on the order of voting, having each Ally take time to give their entire thought process, not as each individual game is tabulated (which is what I suggested above) but for each vote, and THEN each Ally going bag by bag to figure out how many points their nominee had (which, talking about confusion, apparently they weighed down the bags with other coins? That was a weird choice).

    6.) Again, I also like the Allies providing their rationale about why they voted the way they did. All I was saying is they could do that when a game has its point value called out.

  • Hope they change the no vote, eliminated rule. Don looked devastated.

  • I absolutely adored the new voting system. It was great to hear people actually deliberate over what they were going to pick. Really hope that stays,

  • I also really liked the new voting, though I think bags are a bit awkward.

  • @TokyoSlim if we hit 50000 we can upgrade to Jars or Booths