Hall of Greats Compendium

  • I'm really glad Pokemon R&B got in, but imo Gold and Silver are the superior games, they fixed alot of the 1gen issues in G&S, like the crit rate and separating special defence and attack but i am glad one got in.

  • @A7X458 Not to mention Gen 1 Miss.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well it's possible to make a rule where the argument has to be the most important factor, but that's not gonna change that allies will think a game is one of the greats whether the person that brought it really did a good job presenting it. We saw that clearly with Chrono Trigger. Not to mention it might make it easier for the people who are better speakers, or planners. I did love Ben giving a point to Ian solely on how good his video was.

  • Hall of Greats CONSPIRACY:

    Bosman mentioned in an episode that alliances are accepted in the Hall of Greats. I believe that Ian and Ben have formed an alliance to make sure that their games wont be banned. Since the rule of banning games Ben and Ian have voted for eachothers games in each episode, even if they hadn't played them. If I'm not mistaken Ian hasn't played any of the three games that Ben has brought during these latest three episodes (even going as far as givin Megaman x 3 votes without having played it). Ben expressed distaste for Mist but still voted for it. It is very much possible that they just like eachothers presentations and I'm totally wrong. I just wanted to point this out.

    Love and respect to all allies.

  • @Otos I do enjoy a conspiracy theory, though I will say if nothing else Ben voting for Mist was due to Ian's superb video for it.

    If this was the rest of the Internet I'd expect to see a follow up response to this going through the step by step ways that this exactly confirms Half Life 3, even if that joke is super old.

  • @Otos

    Maybe, maybe not. The back door shady deals make for good tv though!

  • @Otos Whether you're right or wrong, you've given me something to pay attention to for the next stream.

  • This fifth HoG session was my favourite so far. It was just somehow super entertaining, I had so many laughs, there was lots of excitement with four or five top candidates having a good shot of making it. Really good show, so thank you Allies!

    I was rooting for Witcher 3, but nope. Not this time. At least RE4 made it in! Really happy to see so much love for that game among the group. And here on the forum people didn't vote for it even into the Top100 list we made. You maniacs, it's one of the Greats!

  • I could not believe RE4 made it in. I feel like we all forget the island section of that game. And with it up against games like The Witcher 3, SotC and Dark Souls... just shocked.

    The show was a lot of fun though, easily my favourite stream that they do. Shadow of the Colossus getting 1 vote hurts, I cannot deny that :(

  • These streams will always hurt in one way or another. All 9 games brought are generally amazing games and generally accepted as "greats" so it's always going to sting for somebody. I love The Witcher, but keeping TW3 out was no sad loss to me.

    Everybody brought good picks. I think these streams are more fun than serious and I'm surprised the Allies got a little too serious about D&D when this whole stream is kinda light hearted and fun. I appreciate Jones bringing Pong as well. It's all for fun.

  • The Bosman Concordant cracked me up so bad XD. #callHoeg!!

  • So... These streams were initially up there as one of my favorite things the Allies do but I can't help but feel a little... meh, about what I just watched, and that has absolutely nothing to do with what games made it in.

    During the rebuttal section, I can't count the number of times "But why didn't you bring this game instead?" was phrased as a question and honestly, it adds nothing to the conversation. It should be pretty obvious that the Hall of Greats is intended for video games, so I'm really unclear on how D&D was allowed to even show up - just like Blood, I was wondering if Monopoly was going to show up for the next stream. Reading a review for a game verbatim (especially when that review came out in the last month) feels like the epitome of lazy. The other distinction is this is voting for the Hall of Greats, not the Hall of Importance, so while I'll agree Pong is important, I don't think anyone is going to make a case for it actually being great.... which is literally the name of the stream. Also, someone not showing up and still presenting a game means all the other games lose out on potential votes, while that game can be voted on by everyone.

    Although this was far and away my least favorite Hall of Greats stream, there were a few things I appreciated. Ben voting for who made the best argument is glorious because it rewards those who put in time to defend their game - plus seeing Don light up like that was worth it. Also, the Don/Kyle alliance while absolutely scummy, is perfect and adds a bit of a twist to the voting, which I greatly appreciate.

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    Ain't no rule saying it has to be a video game. And nobody's gonna nominate Monopoly for the Hall of Greats since Monopoly is dogass. (I can see something like Magic the Gathering getting a shot though.)

    For real though Hall of Greats is good stuff because it's taken seriously but not too seriously. You have rules about how you can vote but backdoor shady deals still slip through the cracks. You nominate and discuss which games deserve it but it's still decided by Survivor voting.

  • I agree that there was a loophole in the system: you shouldn't be able to nominate a game if you're not there yourself. Now Brad's game welcomed open-armed all the votes to come in, while Brad himself wasn't there reciprocally to hand over his votes to three other games. Maybe they'll notice this, too, for the future sessions.

    Still, though, looking at the points, RE4 would've got in anyway, but Witcher 3 could've beaten RE Remake. (This propably wouldn't have happened, though. I've never heard Brad talk about Witcher that much. But I don't know. It'll remain a mystery.)

  • As someone who is very neutral on Resident Evil, this iteration was the perfect band-aid pull I needed. Go on and have your greats, you filthy animals! :)

    What I would love to see is Don bring back Sim City 4, especially now that the entire Hall of Greats process has been streamlined and he can give it its proper pitch. I get the impression he isn't the type for salty runbacks though...but it totally deserves it. It's a great game to add a different spice to the Hall, and to represent us PC kids!

  • Also we totally need that Pandemonium video up on the main channel.

  • A great stream as always and Mr. Huber had a great outing.

  • I think the rebuttal portion of this HoG stream was the weakest yet. Not so much the "why didn't you bring this game instead" thing but that there weren't that many hard hitting questions in general. Also I feel that a lot of the time people other than the one defending the game came in and argued for it. You shouldn't be allowed to defend a game that you didn't bring. At least not during the discussion phase.

  • @olf_himself I think you also have to take in consideration that it becomes harder to rebut games that you really like and are simply good.