Hall of Greats Compendium

  • @hanabi Check out some of the old GT livestreams of Monopoly, there's no dogass there at all!

  • @tokeeffe9 Well he killed that by choosing the remake over the original. There would have been no question if it had been the PS2 version cause even if that remake is amazing, why not the original? It had to be great to even warrant a remake, so it just feels weird to choose the new one. Not to mention, not everyone had played it yet.

    I hope to see Witcher 3 again next time, and hopefully someone corrects the mistake and brings the original SotC.

    Have to say though that I am surprised 2 Resident Evil games got in, and NEITHER was brought by Huber. Is this the Berenstein dimension?

  • Of this quarter's nominee's the two that got in were the one's I was rooting for the most. Super happy this one panned out the way it did.

  • This was my favorite one yet. They came out swinging with some big guns. I'll not spoil anything as most people will see it on You tube but great presentations all around.

  • Huber bringing up Time Crisis 2 is so awesome. I truly loved that game when i was little, every weekend i would go the arcades and that was one of the games i played the most. To feel my love for it resurface slowly as he continues his presentation is a joy unlike anything i have felt.

  • That's the 4th GameCube game that makes it in the HoG. I know this lead wont last too long, but MAN every time I think of it, the GC sure means a hell lot to me.

  • Silent Hill II

    Nearly one of the greats

  • I honestly felt a little bad for Streets of Rage II, as everyone kept commenting that Sim City 4 was the first time we saw a live gameplay demonstration.

    First time both winners are games I've never even played but I feel like they both deserve a spot. Can't say I really have any complaints this time around, it was a good showing from everyone!

  • This HoG is a clear indicator that the allies are Nintendo super fans, GTAV is clearly the best game of that list.

  • @a7x458 That entirely depends on your measure of quality. Silent Hill 2 and Sim City 4 are both just as good at what they do.

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  • @sentinel-beach I'm sure they'll get to it eventually :D

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    PS: You gotta love the Game Cube

  • @edsortiz You forgot to update the Date :)

  • @hazz3r Thanks! I remember writing down June, looks like it got messed up while doing some other changes.

  • While the two I was rooting for in the seventh cycle didn't even come close, two of the four I predicted did.

    While I don't like Final Fantasy VI, it's about time the series is represented.

    Also, the presentations are getting better and better with each Hall of Greats!

    FF VI's video, Don's misdirection, Kyle's powerpoint... good stuff

  • It didn't have too much impact this time, but I'm on board Huber and Ben's purity boat when it comes to alliances. Great picks in any case this time around, I'm happy for both the games and their presenters. And Don's reveal was of course magical. :)

  • @sentinel-beach Alliances kinda backfired for them this time XD. I don't think we will see more of them on the next HG.., although I predict there is a missing loose end to the new Don Deal of the Bosman Concordant, Don will give Kyle his 3 point vote next time he brings MM Legends.

  • This might be my favorite HoG induction so far! Really tough picks, and fantastic presentations from all fronts, particularly Huber's passionate speech, Don's red herring, and of course Kyle's on point college lecture. Also, i'm hoping that the anti-chip thing Ian was talking about wouldn't go through, i just don't like the idea of giving negative points to a game... I love the alliances, but i would rather ban those than letting the anti-chips happen.