Hall of Greats Compendium

  • Also, HBomberguy released a great video this weekend about Fallout: New Vegas. It does a really good job of articulating why the game is so good. I'm mourning that it'll never get brought to Hall of Greats.

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  • @hazz3r

    Yeah I hear what you're saying. Bethesda-style open world RPGs are kinda like their own genre for that matter and I feel like any great RPG recommendation should include one of either Morrowwind, Oblivion, or Skyrim (in which I'd elect Oblivion). I guess in the context of HoG, it might look like any RPG nominee should be up to The Witcher III's standard.

    This here is a really good way of putting it though:

    One is "explore and interact with the world that you find". The other is: "here are stories, play through these stories as you see fit".

    I feel like The Witcher series in general is just unravelling plots and your decisions affect those plots whereas TES is like "You just stumbled across our shady back alley thief cult that meets in the rain at 2am. Congrats! You are a thief now."

  • @hazz3r

    Yeah, I don't think Skyrim is a bad game. I do think that for it to be inducted though, the memes and irony that it's picked up over the past decade are going to have to be put aside, and that's going to be a difficult task. I especially think about that with Jones starting his induction speech by saying he was 'bringing it unironically'.

    It really is very different to The Witcher 3 too like you were saying, with Skyrim having that emphasis on the exploration side. I think personally that's why I prefer one over the other, but it also may be a point of why it's a difficult sell; I can't go back to Skyrim. Like Breath of the Wild, with that core philosophy of 'explore and go where you want' I've found going back to either game a difficulty, but still retain positive memories of playing both. Those memories are going to just vary drastically because of the open ended nature of the game.

    While I admire in the presentations people talking about the zeitgeist of coming into the office to hear about what everyone did the night before, I don't know that that's enough. However, I don't know how to present the game in positive ways beyond trying to recount that freedom and open-endedness.

  • @hazz3r At least Skyrim has more character and intrigue than in many Ubisoft open-world games.

  • @jdincinerator said in Hall of Greats Compendium:

    @hazz3r At least Skyrim has more character and intrigue than all Ubisoft open-world games combined.

    Completely agree! 😄

  • Who's ready for some Hall of Greats action next week?!

  • ....looks left.....

    ....looks right.....

    raises hand

  • raises hand as well.....

  • I wonder if its time for Half-Life 2 or Final Fantasy IX's time to come back

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  • @brunojoey Them 2 games need to be in it at some stage.

  • With the amount of times it's been nominated, Silent Hill 2 not being in yet is surprising. When (not if) it gets nominated again, it'll hold the record of most times brought. Final Fantasy IX is also really up there. But I'll never forget God of War 2018 would have been enshrined if it didn't get tied with Portal and sent to a Patreon vote. As far as I can remember, I THINK it's still the highest voted game in a single ceremony yet to get in.

    Regardless, I can't wait. Always a highlight when the three month timer (when the Allies can remember) runs out.

  • I'm predicting that either Ben or Don will bring a Metal Slug game. I also remember someone previously saying that they'll bring Silent Hill 2, I hope it's not Ian so he can just give it 3 points. I'm kinda sick of seeing it already, just get it in, lol.

  • I think Alien Vs. Predator or Symphony of the Night has that distinction @Brannox! I wish AVP got it that day. But both other games were deserving. I want so many games on the list lol.

    I can definitely see Don bringing a Metal Slug game! @bam541. I can see maybe Huber bringing Silent Hill 2 just to help out.

  • @brunojoey I just checked and it's AVP by just a vote (12-11) Symphony of the Night is already in, so my point was a game that has YET to get in that's only been brought once. But I agree: So many games are so deserving, and I guess that's one of the many reasons why these streams are so compelling. I mean just talking about it now is getting me all hyped up for Tuesday!!

  • The HOG image for this topic is really outdated at this point. lol.

    My prediction for this HOG: I think someone is finally going for the easy slam dunk with Breath of the Wild. Probably Ian or Damiani.

  • @shoulderguy said in Hall of Greats Compendium:

    My prediction for this HOG: I think someone is finally going for the easy slam dunk with Breath of the Wild. Probably Ian or Damiani.


  • @Brannox Oh yeah I got ya. I hope Don brings AVP back and gets it in. That was a grand presentation. And today is the day!

  • Tonight's ceremony was pretty solid and a great tie-in for EZX. I had half the games I was pulling for, however...

    Having two of those being the bottom two with God of War and Dishonored 2, ESPECIALLY the latter being banned, HURTS. Also, tracking the amount of times a game was voted for in real-time was pretty open and shut Super Mario Galaxy and Silent Hill 2 were run-aways. Until the reveal. I thought because SIX Allies voted for Galaxy would take it. But Silent Hill 2 had EVERY Ally voted for it.

    Beyond that, I DO have a gripe:

    Having the majority of those vote for Silent Hill 2 say, "Well, it's time," is kind of like dismissive of the other games and not given as much of consideration. I guess? I don't know, it just doesn't sit right.

    As always, this was a treat, and now the three month wait begins anew.

  • Just finished watching the induction, that was a blast. I was cackling like a madman the whole way through Don's nomination, truly amazing theatrics. I also love Blood's wholesome video.

    Shout out to my man Brad with his pick!

    Dishonored 2 is truly worthy of being called a great, and it hurts so much to me that it got banned. It's primed for a comeback though.

    @Brannox I think you shouldn't take that phrase too seriously, I feel like they're just making fun of how many times it has been nominated. I don't think they dismissed the others at all, it's a matter of preventing it becoming stale in future inductions, and they obviously respect the game a lot.