Hall of Greats Compendium

  • @acardattack I can stand behind Kyle on that distinction, don't @ me! XD.

    I think Kyle makes a good case during hes presentation describing it as three major points, "Simplicity, Cohension, and
    Weaponized Quaintness". All of this three things are what makes LTTP and LA, very, very different.

  • @edsortiz That's very true, but also consider that with nine different entries per stream, and only two openings per, if something votes extremely well and DOESN'T get in, then it's a great indicator it's inclusion is imminent, because it's a strong signal to the Ally who brought said game they can succeed with it if they choose to bring it again.

    And to your point about the list of games brought twice eventually making it in, I personally think Link's Awakening (based off cumulative votes) and the Last of Us (based off mindshare) are much more likely to get in sooner than later than Dark Souls (because Bloodborne is now in) and Mega Man Legends (It only has one vote in each appearance. I think Mr. Bosman has gotten the hint).

    However, all that said, if an Ally does NOT bring the loser of the Patreon poll for the next stream, I FULLY believe the next two entrants will be games that haven't been brought yet.

  • @edsortiz Megaman Legends? Do you really think that's gonna get in?
    I love Bosman's passion for that game but no one else seems invested. And considering how many amazing games that aren't in yet, I can't picture that one getting in for years. Unless he manages to get everyone else to vote based on arguments only.... or pity votes 😁

  • @inustar I was being a bit "jokey" with that one, but the point i was making is, that if you keep bringing the game up, statistically will make it in at some point (of course excluding simply bad games). I know it will be rough to get in, but I think at some point it might, its a really amazing game.

  • Congratz to the new inductee Portal, for winning the Patreon poll for the Hall of Greats

  • Portal 2 is an actual video game. Portal 1 is a tech demo.

    The boss fight with Glados didn't matter, because it was about the Portal mechanics, and not about making an overall good videogame. Sure, they did really well to put out what they did and make it as good as they did, but Portal 2 blows it out of the water in every single way.

    I loved that thing to death when it released but it should not be in the Hall of Greats when Portal 2 is a thing that exists.

  • @hazz3r A 3 hour tech demo? Then it's gotta be the greatest tech demo of all time, coming in at that length and originality.

    I also prefer the first Portal to the 2nd, because it's much more focused. The 2nd tries to slam you over the head with humor, while the first felt subtle. I've gladly completed the first game multiple times while I've never felt compelled to finish the 2nd, because it really loses me with its pacing. While things like goo and light bridges do add to the overall complexity of puzzles in the second game, it didn't feel like a groundbreaking experience when it released - it was a sequel that added things.

  • I prefer Portal 2 to Portal 1, but Portal 1 is still a fantastic game and deserves to be recognized as One of the Greats (tm).

  • I think portal 1's better than 2 because it's more compact and doesn't feel like it's constantly going for the ha ha's the same way 2 did at times. I'll never see a short runtime for a game as a negative as long as it has replay value or leaves an impression. I'd rather play 10 amazing 1 hour games than 1 mediocre 10 hour game even if it cost me more money in the long run.

    I also think calling Portal a tech demo is disingenuous since a lot of Valve's games can feel tech demo-y at times if you wanna have that mindset (gravity gun in HL2 and the gels in portal 2 say hello.)

  • I basically just agree with Brad. Portal 2 is a better game.

    Perhaps Tech Demo is too strong a phrase, all I mean is that Portal is very pure, very experimental. the entire game revolves around that mechanic and everything else is a little garnish. They didn't have the budget to do much with the story, but that was well used by making the game feel oppressive but empty.

    On the other hand, Portal 2 is better. It's got better writing, better set-pieces, better puzzles, better level design, and builds on the foundation that Portal put into place so well, while being infinitely more replayable.

    The best analogy that I can think of that explains my perspective. It's like Metal Gear Solid VR Missions being in the Hall of Greats rather than Metal Gear Solid 1.

    But... that's just my take at the end of the day.

  • I think Portal is perfect because what it's trying to do. It's not as complete as like Portal 2, but it's not meant to be like that either. It's a brilliant short game, still very engaging and unique to this day. I think that MGS VR mission is a bit inaccurate, i would say that it's like the MGS V Ground Zeroes situation, but it's like a bonus for buying an already good bundle of game instead (The Orange Box). It's a properly packaged and priced "prologue". That's my opinion, anyway.

  • Not that I have a lot to add to this debate, but I think vanilla game vs vanilla game, Portal 1 is better than Portal 2.

    Sure, P2 has the larger community and more puzzle mechanics to play with, but the main story wasn't as great. I didn't like crawling out of the bowels of Aperture as much as I enjoyed Portal 1 spinning itself upside down on its own head. A simple puzzle room game where you slowly devolve into practical horror trying to escape Aperture. Portal 2 never reached that level of excitement just by virtue of it being a sequel.

    Portal 1 was lightening in a bottle and ONE OF THE GREATS!

    As per God of War. I like the game but I don't even think it is the best in the series. I'd say if I had to rank the series, I'd put it at the bottom just ahead of Ascension. It is a good game, but God of War 1 or God of War 2 should be one of the greats before God of War PS4. Not even convinced GoW PS4 is a great game in general.

  • Any quick predictions on tonight's games? Salty come-backs?

  • I wouldn't be shocked if God of War came back, but outside of that, I get the feeling we'll be getting nine new submissions. I'm more curious how they do the confessional voting, as this will be the first time HoG is in the studio.

  • I can see The Witcher III coming back, either by Huber or Blood. And I'd like to see an Uncharted in there. 2 & 4 would have the strongest chance.

  • Man, it seems that GoW's gonna go in the hall earlier than TLoU and that kinda grinds my gears.

    Anyway, Silent Hill 2 is coming back this time I think. Got pretty close the last time it was there, if my memory serves right.

  • @brannox
    They'll probably just all go in the Green Room.

    I'd really like some new submissions. No salty runbacks this week please. Respect the first Hall of Greats of the studio.

  • @hazz3r I meant in terms of them casting the votes, not where they'll go. They've already hinted that they haven't quite figured out the multi-room setup yet for E3 coverage, so I wonder if the votes will stay in the stream room, or tonight might be the first time the majority of the stream is where it has been, and the voting is done on the main show stage. I think it'll all stay in the stream, but tonight is a good candidate for debuting such a setup.

  • @brannox That's what I'm saying. They'll stick everything to the Stream room as always and just go into the Green Room across the hall while everyone has time in the Stream room voting.

  • Personally, this HoG had just a weird vibe for me throughout. No Bloodworth, I loved Don's willingness to be creative, and getting to see Ian live was really nice. Personally, I would've voted for the final three, but I would flip the orderr. Regardless, I felt this was another predictable outcome after the final presentation, but before the voting started.