Gamescom 2017 Forum Bets

  • Yeah by the nature of these bets just being copied from E3 and not specific for Gamescom they weren't as juicy as other betting events. Anywho, I updated the Google sheet with our bets and what I think the outcomes were. If anyone has a dispute with the official answers let me know, I didn't spend a whole lot of time checking them, just as I watched the events checked off stuff and at the end went back and filled in what I thought for the rest. If there are no objections I can calculate the Gamescom bet intramural champion.

    How many letters will be in the first and last name of the final presenter with the most letters in their first and last name? 16?

    Will the Scorpio controller have any changes other than color and insignia? No
    Will Wolverine reveal himself? No
    Will we hear Imagine Dragons on Sunday? No?
    Will a coin be collected? Yes
    Will we see a new playable character in a Evil Within sequel? No
    Will microtransactions be shown? No?
    Will we see a skateboard? No?
    Will Crackdown 3 be given a release date? No

    During the EA press conference when Madden NFL is shown, what is the value of X^Y? 0

    Will Microsoft present a VR demonstration on stage? No
    Will Dante make a joke? No
    Will there be a dragon in the Xbox press conference? Yes
    Will there be an apparent love interest within the presentation for the new Wolfenstein? No
    Will Spyro make a non-Skylanders appearance? No
    Will an original Xbox-era Microsoft-owned franchised be revived? No
    Will we see more than 4 unreleased games featuring a double jump? No
    Will we witness the death of a ninja? No
    Will Michael Jordan be shown in NBA Live? No
    Will we see a licker's tongue? No
    Will any fictional character apologize for keeping us waiting? No
    Will Count Dooku be shown? No?
    Will we see any men crying in a video game? No?
    Will anyone on a bicycle fall over? No
    Will we see Crackdown mutliplayer? No
    Will we see anything Star Wars besides Battlefront 2? No
    Will the Crackdown 3 presentation have more than 10 confirmed kills? No
    Will EA mention Mass Effect? No?
    Will they have a car on stage for the Forza Presentation? No

  • @Tragosaurus
    Will the Scorpio controller have any changes other than colour and insignia? Yes. Doesn't the controller say scorpio in the scorpio edition

  • @ib0show I thought about that too, but labeled it under those terms in a sense. In my mind the changes would have been a new button, for instance, or some motion thing. Something concrete or physical, in a way. But maybe Trago will elaborate.

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    aaaand I completely forgot to add my list.. guess its too late now haha

  • Did someone guess Age 4?

  • We saw no Rathalos plates in the Gamescom footage. Great Jagras and Anjanath were the hunts playable on the show floor, Barroth was demoed for press, and Rathalos was in the open world of the floor demos but hard to kill without a quest.

  • @ib0show My thoughts were along with @Sentinel-Beach, it saying Scorpio falls under insignia. Not saying that absolutely the case but just my thoughts.

    Also sorry about being so unresponsive. Work blocked the forums so my time here has plummeted. Browsing around for a minute was the best while waiting for something to finish.

  • Well I finally remembered I never got around to this so the winners are...

    @Sentinel-Beach and @jipostus

    Don't worry, the next betting event will be a bigger fanfare and I'll actually post in a timely manner.

  • Wait... I won something? How did this happen o_O

    Also, Finnish Double win?
    Torilla tavataan :D

  • Uuh, V for Ville Victory! Torille! :D