My hidden gem of E3 2017

  • I know this is late but it is deserving and i feel Geoff Keighley would agree as he's clearly impressed in this video (so much so that he put him on the indie revolution panel at his E3 coliseum show) . Clearly a low budget game but one that has a big heart and ambition. That enemy design!

    Youtube Video

    What are your hidden gems or games that you feel people aren't talking about enough?

  • Banned

    My hidden gem was Hidden Agenda. It's a new game by Supermassive, the guys who made Until Dawn. Pretty much the same type of faux-adventure game Until Dawn and it's ilk (Telltale games, David Cage stuff) but now you play using your phone and Sony's new Playlink series of apps, and other players can use their phones to augment the game by giving you secret objectives or influencing the outcome of events.
    Until Dawn is one of my favourite games of this gen, so I'm really excited about this.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    I think the phone is just a option for "multi-player" alot of the recent telltale games have something similar where if your playing on Twitch the audience can make the decisions or something