PSX 2017

  • $65 for 2 day pass (also gets you into some "Special Event" TBA thing Friday night)

  • Booked! Now here's hoping something horrible I STILL can't talk about doesn't happen again this year...

  • We’re baa-aack…. PlayStation Experience 2017 returns to Anaheim, California this December 9 and 10! Early bird tickets are available right now, and supplies are limited.
    PlayStation Experience is a truly magical time of year, and this year thousands of fans will descend on the lovely Anaheim Convention Center to experience the latest and greatest in PlayStation gaming. That includes hands-on time with PS4 Pro on huge, gorgeous Sony 4K HDR TVs, dozens of PlayStation VR demos, game developer panels, rare merchandise and collectibles, and a whole lot more.
    We’ve also got a special treat for early bird ticket holders: an invitation to a special event held on the evening of Friday, December 8th, the night before the event formally kicks off. During the special event, you’ll have a chance to get up-close and personal with game developers and PlayStation personalities. Should be fun!
    The Special Event features limited capacity and will only be available to fans who purchase the two-day Early Bird Pass.

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    I'm so so tempted to just buy a ticket in case I'm able to go.

  • Just for reference sake, Just tweeted at Jones for info and the official meet-up this year is on Saturday, December 9th, (evening) at the Hilton Anaheim, Laguna Room, 4th Floor.

    In case anyone else was wondering.

    We don't have an official time yet.


    Both Ghosts of Tsushima and Dreams confirmed to be there.

    Keynote sounds like it may be Friday night and limited to the early access ticket holders? Unconfirmed, but that's kinda what it sounds like...

  • @TokyoSlim Interesting. I'm glad I'm an early bird, I'd be a little upset if I missed out of the opening show. It looks like the whole event is longer this year. Aside from the showcase being the day before, both days run from 10 to 10 this year when I think Sunday was over around 6 last year. I am glad I won't have to wake up early Saturday to get into the showcase though, even with my east coast jet lag advantage.

  • Yeah, not sure how I feel about Friday night. Kinda puts a crimp into seeing Disney fireworks.

  • So the meet-up is Saturday? If you guys have went before, do you watch EZA or you get tickets to the event

  • @ib0show Not sure I understand the Q. The EZA meetup isn't happening during anything in particular. You can do both! (last time though, the meetup was on like Thursday and I didn't get into town until Sat.)

  • @TokyoSlim Sorry I meant if you go PSX have you watched the showcase or watched eza livestream on twitch.

  • @ib0show Ah, I watched the livestream last year. I didn't get in town in time to attend the keynote.

  • @TokyoSlim Oh man, can't wait to get my hands on this.

  • What I'm most curious about is exactly what THIS means:

    In addition to hands-on gameplay with the next wave of PS4 and PS VR games, attendees will dive deeper into some of PlayStation’s biggest games by means of immersive interactive experiences that blend the world of game and reality.

  • I expecting a Dreams Open beta out now.

  • @TokyoSlim Aloy lookalike face-touching booths.

    Honestly I have no idea, most of the their VR games are just arcade experiences anyway, I'm not sure which game worlds you would really want to get immersed in. Maybe Moss and Skyrim?

    I am equally excited for the inevitable Monster Hunter PV #5 and the questionable at best WiLD re-reveal.

  • I'm pretty sure face touching booths aren't a thing. Like 98% sure.

  • @ib0show Last year I went to the showcase. For me a big part of going to PSX was making the showcase in person. I still went back to watch their reactions after the fact but being in the room with everyone was definitely cool. With all that being said, who knows what this year is going to be like: whether there will be a stream and whether its worth watching or going to. I'm planning on going to the presentation or whatever they are calling it, I'm sure it'll be a good time regardless what it is.

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